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The House at the End of Time ("La casa del fin de los tiempos")

North American Premiere
  • Venezuela
  • 2013
  • 100 mins
  • DCP
  • Spanish
  • English (subtitles)
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WINNER: Audience Award, Best Film; Jury Awards for Best Child Actor, Cinematography, Sound - Mérida Venezuela Film Festival 2013
Official Selection, Fantasporto 2014

"4 Stars… Undoubtedly the most risky and exciting movie of the current Venezuelan cinema"– SCIFIWORLD.ES

"Great storytelling, well-directed, with an old school Bava vibe that works very well" - Alan Jones, FILM 4 FRIGHTFEST

Timeline: 1981. After receiving a series of letters from a ghostly woman warning that her husband will kill her children, Dulce falls into a state of panic, sparking off a tragic series of events that sees her imprisoned for 30 years for a crime she did not commit. Now an old woman, Dulce is released on the condition that she serve the rest of her sentence under house arrest, in the very home where her world spiraled into hell decades earlier. The house is empty, but Dulce is far from alone. An incredible mystery is about to come together, concerning her family, her home and the very natures of death and physics.

Creepy, touching and truly extraordinary, Venezuela’s first full-on genre film production twists the tropes and expectations of horror storytelling into new form. It’s an astonishing debut, both for the country’s national cinema and for first-time writer/director/editor/co-producer Alejandro Hidalgo, who invokes miracles with unbelievable confidence and ability.

A domicile-set supernatural thriller through and through, THE HOUSE AT THE END OF TIME is nonetheless not a conventional haunted-house film, nor is it about demonic forces or the rest of the “traditional” otherworldly things you’d likely be anticipating from it. The closest thing it could be likened to would be a Latin American Richard Matheson story told through the prism of Del Toro and Amenábar’s Spanish-language output. A slow-burn Rubik’s Cube of fear and wonder, HOUSE will cleverly have you re-thinking your read on happenings across its running time. Not many filmmakers can pull off what Hidalgo manages here, let alone an emerging first-timer. Released in Venezuelan cinemas late last year, it smashed box office records and quickly became the second-highest grossing homegrown release of all time. Steeped in the atmosphere of a nightmare with an urgent human drama at its core, THE HOUSE AT THE END OF TIME is a fantastic surprise of the highest order.

— Mitch Davis