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Jacky au royaume des filles

Canadian Premiere
  • France
  • 2014
  • 90 mins
  • DCP
  • French
  • English (subtitles)
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Opening Film

Official Selection, Rotterdam International Film Festival 2014

"Novlangue hilarante, parodie grinçante et partition rêvée que Riad Sattouf offre à son acteur des BEAUX GOSSES, l’excellent Vincent Lacoste." - Guillaume Loison, LE NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR

"Sattouf prouve que le rire et la farce sont porteurs de fruits autrement plus juteux que toutes les sérénades édifiantes visant à dénoncer la place des femmes dans la société." - Jacky Goldberg, LES INROCKUPTIBLES

In the Realm of Bubunne, women rule while men humbly wait for them return home. Forced to wear veils, they have no freedom of choice and their activities are limited to house chores. Rebels who dare defy this century-old hierarchic system all end up dangling from the hangman’s noose. Jacky (Vincent Lacoste) knows no other reality than the tyrannical system that has a strange veneration for mares and ponies. Happy servant to his mother, he, like all other single men, wishes to marry the daughter of the nation’s leader, the magnificent authoritarian Colonelle Bubunne XVII (Charlotte Gainsbourg). His wish finally seems to be a plausible possibility when the dictator publicly announces her removal from the throne and the beginning of the true successor’s reign. To do so, the latter must select the Great Dumbbell that will father her daughter during the traditional Grande Bubunnerie Ball. Ready to do whatever it takes to attend this ceremonial event, Jacky takes desperate steps that will unwillingly turn him into a improbable modern-day Cinderella. You don’t think when you’re in love, you push on, and sometimes accidentally set off a coup d’état.

The battle of the sexes and multicultural conflicts couldn’t escape the scrutinizing eye of Riad Sattouff, contributor to the humour magazine CHARLIE HEBDO and recipient of a Cesar for LES BEAUX GOSSES. With a contemporary revamping of the Amazonian society such as seen in Jess Franco’s THE GIRL FROM RIO, he eagerly approaches present-day social tensions through a satire, as funny as it is urgent, of the chaotic politics we face today. The gender-role inversions open up the way for gags worthy of Woody Allen’s early fantasy phase. Sattouf never loses his edge with his dark humor, nor his sharp observations provoking simultaneously laughter and reflection. He reunites with loyal thespian Vincent Lacoste who, in the lead role, plays a candid hero cut from the cloth of the golden age of satirical European comic books. The always-brilliant Charlotte Gainsbourg, after her bold performances for Lars Von Trier, demonstrates unparalleled courage in this context. In these heavy times filled with bad news in which the very mention of values make people fume, we were in dire need of some acidic criticism of this unfortunate collective situation to bring things back into focus. The hilarious JACKY AU ROYAUME DES FILLES has arrived just in time.

— Simon Laperrière