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Prom Night

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World Premiere Unveiling of Synapse Films’ New 2K Restoration!
Special thanks to Technicolor L.A., Deluxe Hollywood, Reliance Mediaworks and [a]+ [d] images for making this screening possible.

“The crowning example of the slasher film in its classical stage” - Rhett Miller, CANUXPLOITATION

Time to freshen up your corsage and dust off your platform shoes for the premiere of the fully restored print of iconic 1980 Canadian slasher PROM NIGHT. This Toronto-shot horror whodunit follows Kim (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Alex (Michael Tough) as they start preparing for their upcoming high school prom (era-appropriate theme: Disco Madness!). The principal (Leslie Nielsen), who also happens to be Kim and Alex’s father, keeps an eye on the rambunctious teens, including Wendy (Anne-Marie Martin), who plans to steal away Kim’s boyfriend, Nick (Casey Stephens). As Wendy hatches a plan to embarrass Kim on the big night, she and her friends receive mysterious phone calls about their hushed-up role in the accidental death of Kim and Alex's sister six years ago. And who's that axe-wielding figure creeping in the locker room shadows — the school's weirdo janitor? An escaped maniac? Or one of the disco-mad kids themselves? With an explosive cocktail of romance and revenge in the air, some of students will lose more than just their virginity on this magical evening.

Almost a year of work went into Synapse Films’ 2K restoration of PROM NIGHT, including much-needed colour correction and audio remastering from the original 35mm camera negative that sat neglected for almost 35 years. The film that launched Canada's most prolific horror franchise has never looked better — you'll catch every lock of feathered hair, custom van and polyester pantsuit that make this film very much a product of the 1980s. While PROM NIGHT owes much to pioneering classics CARRIE and HALLOWEEN (right down to the presence of Jamie-Lee Curtis, one of the decade's most notorious scream queens), it still manages to put its own Canadian spin on things, helping to establish many of the blood-soaked touchstones that came to define the slasher genre. More importantly, PROM NIGHT delivers some genuine shocks, not the least of which is a disco-dancing Leslie Nielsen getting down with Curtis in a high school gym. But no matter if you’re in it for hot dance moves or cold-blooded kills, the film’s dazzling new restoration ensures that this will be a prom you’ll never forget.

— Paul Corupe