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Les Jaunes - Le film ("The Yellows")

World Premiere
  • Quebec
  • 2014
  • 96 mins
  • DCP
  • French
  • English (subtitles)
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World Premiere, Hosted by Writer/Director Rémi Fréchette

Prologue: In a cluttered laboratory, the chief researcher carefully packs away a canister with mysterious but definitely organic contents. Surely these are men and women of science, with noble intentions. But wait… those are Nazi flags on the laboratory walls!

From there we leap in time to a magical realm, where sword-wielding adventurers plot passage through a forest of trolls, to confront the one-eyed dragon. Is this Westeros? Middle-Earth? Nope, it’s Fort Vince, Quebec, and fantasy warrior Tom has his quest rudely cut short by the bullying of local bad boy Syd. The humiliated LARPer does, however, cross paths with pretty, sympathetic Mia in the process, so there is an upside to his disgrace. Around the same time, a delivery truck arrives in town packed with boxes — including a wooden crate containing notes, a reel of film and a familiar-looking canister. The bungling of a supermarket bag boy with a bowlcut releases the canister’s contents, a goof he’s quick to regret, and not just because his sickly new yellow skin-tone clashes with his purple bowtie. All too quickly, screams of terror are ringing out across the idyllic little country town.

It’s mutant zombie monster mayhem, folks — chez nous, en plus! It all goes down in a village full of colourful characters (though a fair number are strictly yellow soon enough) in this plucky, light-hearted creature feature with a twist of kooky comedy. Over the last five years, Rémi Fréchette and his colleagues at Nemesis Films have developed LES JAUNES as a web series, working with the shoe-stringiest of budgets but a big-hearted team of volunteer cast and crew. The care and competence that went into LES JAUNES suggests that a bright new talent has emerged from Quebec, and he’s one to keep an eye on. Recently, Fréchette has been tinkering away at his next web-based adventure in fantastic fun with a local flavour, L’ÉTRANGE PROVINCE (Google it for giggles)… but in the meantime, LES JAUNES has graduated from the browser window to the big screen, and what better place to enjoy it than Fantasia?

— Rupert Bottenberg