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Au-delà de l'animation 2014 ("Outer Limits of Animation 2014")

  • International
  • 2014
  • 110 mins
  • HD
  • English / French
  • English (subtitles)

Since 2006, Fantasia has devoted an entire program slot to a selection of the best animated short films of the previous 18 months. OUTER LIMITS OF ANIMATION invites you on a unique voyage that charts a gradual course from childhood to adulthood. A number of techniques are showcased — animated drawings, manipulated objects, glass painting, pin screen and paper cut-outs, puppets and play clay, pixilation and animated pixels. China’s Lei Lei gives us BIG HANDS OH BIG HANDS, LET IT BE BIGGER AND BIGGER (Montreal premiere) and THIS IS NOT A TIME TO LIE (international premiere), two colourful and freespirited numbers. The eternal traveller of French animation Bastien Dubois send his greetings with CARGO CULT and three episodes from his series PORTRAITS DE VOYAGES: IVORY-COAST: WAX, PAKISTAN: THE BASANT FESTIVAL et QUEBEC: AUTOSTOP. France is also represented by ESCARFACE (Canadian premiere), an irreverent comedy co-directed by Lionel Arnold, Vincent Meunier, Eva Navaux, Pierre Plouzeau, Dario Sabato and Burcu Sankur, making its Canadian premiere. MASTER’S VOICE by Guilherme Marcondes (Canadian premiere) is a festive celebration co-produced by France, the U.S. and Brazil. Mexico’s Ilana Coleman offers the intriguing THEORY OF COLOR. The U.K. plays a strong hand with three notable works: the endearing THE MISSING SCARF by Eoin Duffy, the singular LADY AND THE TOOTH by Shaun Clark and the ambitious LEVIATHAN AGES by Jon Yeo, all three making their Canadian premieres. Our American neighbours show up with THE LOOKING PLANET by Eric Law Anderson, a science fiction short, and the touching THEY LOOK RIGHT THROUGH YOU by Tess Martin.

Based on unseen archival material from an uncompleted project by Norman McLaren and Claude Jutra, Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre’s FLOCONS celebrates with verve and originality the 100th anniversary of McLaren’s birth. Third in a trilogy about the relationship between art and power, Theodore Ushev’s animated short GLORIA VICTORIA rakes over the still-glowing embers of the last century’s fury. Yoshino Aoki invites us on a nice little trip with UNORDINARY JOURNEY IN AN ORDINARY DAY. Finally, the animation department of Cégep du Vieux Montréal amazed us again with a record number of short-film submissions. Of those, we’re proud to present BATTEMENTS by Marie-Christine Lévesque, ÉPOUVANTABLE ÉPOUVANTAIL by Vanessa Lalonde-Deguire, LA CHOSE QUI M'A SUIVI by Jean-Philippe Malouin and MISE À JOUR by Duy Hoang.

— Marc Lamothe