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Celluloid Experiments 2014

The festival’s most psychedelic short-film program is back! Since 2006, Fantasia has each year presented a showcase of the most audacious experimental short films. Give yourself over again this year to a fever dream defying the rules of time, sequence and logic. A spectacle of colour, sound and atmospheres, often amusing and on occassion unsettling. We’ve assembled for you a selection of 18 singular shorts that brought together make up a journey to the heart of the imagination. One of our most prized discoveries this year is NASHORN IM GALOPP (RHINO FULL THROTTLE), by Germany’s Erik Schmitt. If this short doesn’t make you fall in love with Berlin, nothing ever will. Also from Germany is the intriguing FORTUNE FADED by Alexander Heringer, which smartly deconstructs an intense moments and its dire consequences. Lei Lei and Thomas Sauvion of China give us RECYCLED, an ambitious collage of photos found at a recycling depot near Beijing, where they’d been stockpiled for their silver nitrate content.

The delirious AMNEZIJAK NA PLAZI (AMNESIAC ON THE BEACH) by Croatia’s Dalibor Baric is an elaborate exploration of the possibilities of visual language. The U.S., Spain and Czech Republic united behind David Braun’ ambitious production, ROBOTA. From the U.S., festival regular Faiyaz Jafri sets out on a nightmarish excursion with CYCLONE FOREVER, while Noah Aust offers his recipe for HOW TO MAKE A NIGHTMARE. The National Film Board gives us the Canadian premiere of Theodore Ushev’s THIRD PAGE FROM THE STONE (yes, that’s a Jimi Hendrix reference), and Sol Friedman delivers the bizarre BEAST IN THE REAL WORLD. Two from Quebec make the scene here — the clever LA RÉPÉTITION by Carl-Antonyn Dufault and the charming Y2O de Dominique Skoltz. Richard Vezina wondered how David Lynch would have handled THE SHININGBLUE SHINING presents his conclusions. Each spring, the students at l’École de Design of UQAM organize the soirée Dérapage, a festival of non-narrative micro-shorts all undeer the three-minute mark. From among that excellent harvest, we’ve picked 14 SECONDES and BLAST (TIND), 14 SECONDES (Mathieu Gagnon), LE QUADRUPLE DU CERCLE (Laura Goncalves), SANS TITRE (Vincent Éthier) and SANS TITRE (Dany Demers).

— Marc Lamothe