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La Nuit Excentrique 4 : L'âge de l'absurde

Anxiety keeping you up at night? The daily grind getting you down? It’s time to recharge your batteries in the company of fellow fiends for film-world curiosities — it’s time once again for la Nuit excentrique! For its fourth edition, we’ve assembled a simply smashing program. As archeologists of the absurde, we’ve scoured the dustiest corners of cinema and come up with several feature films that will scald your eyeballs!

Your rendezvous with the unreal starts with a selection of shorts care of master connoisseur Philippe Spurell, the head honcho of Le Cinéclub de Montréal: The Film Society. From his vast archives comes clear evidence that for every film by Jean-Luc Godard, there are a hundred that will never get analyzed in any film school!

This delicious appetizer is followed by a bold tribute to the cinema of Quebec, a reminder that this is the place whence sprung À TOUT PRENDRE and UN ZOO LA NUIT. There was a time when theatres were full of popular local comedies, and we’re proud to have rescued one from utter obscutiry. In the extravagant POUSSE MAIS POUSSE ÉGAL, the incorrigible Gilles Latulippe plays the not-so-lucky Conrad Lachance, hoping to marry Gisèle (Céline Lomez), daughter of a pompous snob. Lowbrow gags, ludicrous situations, a succession of embarassing stereotypes and above all the unforgettable theme song (fans of Dolloraclip will know it!) make up the ingredients of the stew of stupidity from Denis Héroux.

Some may be surprised but la Nuit excentrique has an educational dimension! For the first time, we present ba documentary. With CE NAIN QUE JE NE SAURAIS VOIR, specialist in B-grade cinema Christophe Bier blends learnedness and laffs in capturing a portrait of big-time actors of unussually small size, revealing the remarkable careers of these talents fondly recalled by fans of out-there film.

Nailing down the night with its monomaniacal madness is a film made over 15 yrears in the backyard of Leroy McCoy, a space opera in which he performs every role. LEROY THE SPACE COWBOY is unlike anything ever seen before. The product of one man’s creative insanity, it hails ffroma parallel dimension where rules of normality don’t exist. With a sense of humour seesawing between ridiculous and incoherent, this one-man fever dream brings new meaning to the word… eccentric!

— Simon Laperrière