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DJ XL5's Helluva Zappin' Party

Since 2004, DJ XL5’s Zappin’ Parties have become an essential component of Fantasia for a legion of devoted fans. More than an off-the-wall program of shorts, these soirées offer a full festive experience. Again this year, DJ XL5 has selected 30 new shorts from all four corner of the globe and mixed them up with old commercials, public service announcements and other found footage to recreate a a night of crazed channel-hopping in front of the TV.

Simon Tofield returns with five new episodes of his perennial SIMON’S CAT, as does Ze Frank, with four new THE TRUTH ABOUT… episodes satirizing wildlife documentaries. Following the success of last year’s THE NEW CAMERA, discover four new installments of the Germany series THE STRANGE WORLD OF MAX X, written and directed by Dave Packer, relating the adventures of a man seeking to make the most of the modern era and its technological advances. France surprises with its hilarious SUN OF A BEACH by Arnaud Crillon, Alexandre Rey, Jinfeng Lin and Valentin Gasarian, and a postmodern vision of beauty in Frédéric Doazan’s SUPERVENUS. France and Belgium get together to give us the delirious LA BUCHE DE NOEL by Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier — a new aventure of Cowboy, Indian and Horse, the trio unveiled in 2009 with PANIQUE AU VILLAGE. American filmmakers revisit the zombie flick (WELCOME TO DIGNITY PASTURES by Brian Lonano), “found footage” (Eric Miller’s THE WAFFLE HOUSE INCIDENT) and time travel (DRUNK VISIONS OF THE FUTURE by Don and Michael Palermo) — the latter theme also explored in I'M YOU, DICKHEAD by Australia’s Lucas Testro. Canada’s Cameron Macgowan will slay you with LIEBE (LOVE), a horrible love triangle between a man, a young girl and a monster.

Quebec is all over this year’s Zappin’ Party, including AKIRA by Nguyen-Anh Nguyen, a fake trailer based on the famous anime by Katsuhiro Otomo. Simon Lacroix’s beloved space robot returns in ESBARK ET LE ROI DU HOT DOG. Also on tap: SYNAPSE by Mathieu Labbé , #MEOW by Jocelyn Leduc, VOMPT ATTAQUE by Jérémie Locas, EL TERROR by Franco Égalité and the first teaser trailer for TURBO KID, the new full-length feature from Roadkill Superstar.

DJ XL5 is the only Fantasia programmer who gets thing started 20 minutes ahead of showtime. Show up early!

— Marc Lamothe