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Ghost in the Shell ("Gosuto in za sheru - Kokaku kidotai")

  • Japan
  • 1995
  • 82 mins
  • HD
  • Japanese
  • English (subtitles)
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Preceded by the presentation of a Fantasia Lifetime Achievement Award to Director Mamoru Oshii

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“A stunning work of speculative fiction… The first truly adult animation film to reach a level of literary and visual excellence” – James Cameron

In the year 2029, the interconnection of our species, and of our human selves to the technology we have created, is absolute. Vast reserves of information are accessed and transferred at a keystroke. More and more, our bodies are becoming cybernetic shells. And the human minds and souls inside — our “ghosts” — have never been more mobile, more free — or more vulnerable.

Elite cop Major Motoko Kusanagi and her colleagues at the secretive Section 9 bureau of public security are in pursuit of a notorious cyber-criminal called the Puppet Master. His modus operandi is “ghost-hacking”, infiltrating the systems of his target to hijack their very memories and identities. The Puppet Master’s purpose is unknown but certainly sinister. But who is this Puppet Master? And what shell does he/she/it now inhabit?

It’s back, folks, and it’s no mere ghost of what it once was. Released almost two decades ago, Mamoru Oshii’s profoundly thoughtful, subtle yet exciting anime feature adaptation of Masamune Shirow’s manga series has lost little of its cutting-edge speculative impact. If anything, our world has only caught up with its vivid cyberpunk perception of a hyper-technological dystopia. Manga Entertainment and Anchor Bay Entertainment celebrate the 25th anniversary of Shirow’s manga, and the impending 20th anniversary of Oshii’s film, with a special screening, for the first time outside of Japan, of the unadulterated HD remaster of the 1995 telecine print — the perfect moment for Fantasia to present Mamoru Oshii himself with a Lifetime Achievement Award, for this and so many other marvelous works of animated film. Alongside Katsuhiro Otomo’s groundbreaking AKIRA and Hayao Miyazaki’s award-winning PRINCESS MONONOKE, this crucial work of science fiction for the modern moment stands as a keystone of feature-length anime that has vaulted Japanese animation to the pinnacle worldwide. Come plug into this mesmerizing masterpiece once again, and see it as you’ve never seen it before.

— Rupert Bottenberg