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Bold & Brash: Filmmaking Boisvert Style

World Premiere
  • Quebec
  • 2014
  • 88 mins
  • HD
  • English / French
  • English (subtitles)
Hosted by Director Simon Boisvert

Simon Boisvert. For many local cinephiles, the name evokes a happy surprise, one found on an intriguing VHS cover while roaming the video store aisles. And how to describe the shock following these viewings, the astonishment that is felt when watching films like STÉPHANIE, NATHALIE, CAROLINE & VINCENT or DES GARS, DES FILLES ET UN SALAUD? With its machismo-tainted, bad-mannered dialogue brought to life by performances as awkward as they are exhilarating, his sordid, low-budget creations are unequaled in Quebec. They are the fruit of a passionate spirit who proudly holds the positions of director, producer, screenwriter and actor... with all of what that may entail!

For the past few years, the work of Simon Boisvert has been a cult subject of interest in psychotronic fan circles. His six features are repeatedly screened during thematic evenings, during which his grinding humour and the technical mistakes resulting from his budget limitations are widely applauded. Due to his usual role as the asshole with the loose tongue, Boisvert has himself become a living symbol of a flawed-but-free cinema that passionately disregards the critics’ negative responses. Being sometimes perceived as the local Ed Wood doesn’t stop the filmmaker from pursuing his career. As for his defenders, they impatiently await his next project while wondering who really is hiding behind the coarse on-screen persona. Beyond a passion for hockey that was recently the object of media scrutiny, mystery shrouds Simon Boisvert. Existing in the shadows, little is known of his intentions, his references, his working techniques or his distribution methods. With rumours about him mounting up over the years, he finally decided to break his silence and set the record straight by telling his own story.

With BOLD & BRASH: FILMMAKING BOISVERT STYLE, the controversial auteur of VÉNUS DE MILO turns the camera on himself to reflect on his own background and nostalgically recalls obstacles encountered during shootings. Aware of his limits, he even gives a long-awaited response to all the bad-mouthers who have tarnished his reputation over the decades. Filled with hilarious clips from his films, this passionate documentary also includes interviews with forever-faithful members of his cast and crew that have been with him since the beginning. Their testimonies make us discover a charismatic and professional artist whose will to create proves to be ultimately motivating. Prepare to laugh, but also to receive a film lesson as stimulating as it is necessary. Welcome to the “Boisvert-verse”!

— Simon Laperrière