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German Angst

North American Premiere
  • Germany
  • 2015
  • 110 mins
  • DCP
  • German
  • English (subtitles)
Official selection, Rotterdam International Film Festival 2015
Official selection, Helsinki Night Visions 2015
Official selection, Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2015

“A surprising and fascinating experience" - Nia Edwards-Behi, BRUTAL AS HELL

“Constantly oneiric and uncanny” - Thomas Humphrey, CINEUROPA

GERMAN ANGST - Official Trailer #1 from Michal Kosakowski on Vimeo.

Three of German Cinema’s most ferocious underground talents have united to assault the screen with a deathly triptych of tales set against the evolving backdrop of Berlin. The iconoclastic voices of Jörg Buttgereit (the celebrated groundbreaker behind such modern transgression classics as NEKROMANTIK, DER TODESKING and SCHRAMM, making his return to narrative filmmaking after a 22-year excursion into theatre, experimental and documentary work), Andreas Marschall (TEARS OF KALI, MASKS and over 100 German metal videos) and Michal Kosakowski (ZERO KILLED) have come together to harmonize in a blood-curdling Teutonic death shriek.

Buttgereit’s “Final Girl” opens with a young girl caring for her pet guinea pigs, explaining in voice-over how one came to have only three paws. We soon learn about other things that are strangely absent – and present - in her home. Kosakowski’s “Make a Wish” tells the devastating tale of a deaf Polish couple crossing paths with a savage pack of neo-Nazis in an abandoned industrial space. An ancient talisman may prove to be the key to teaching their heartless attackers a crash course in empathy. Marschall’s “Alraune” follows a high-end fashion photographer’s descent into a kinky, members-only underworld of lust, drug addiction and body worship of the most literal — and fantastical — kind. Here there be monsters, and only some are human.

Upsetting, surrealistic and absolutely not for the squeamish (we mean it!), GERMAN ANGST evolves in tone, from earthy, real-world terror to a dreamier, more seductive and psychedelic Lovecraftian edge, while never losing its grasp on the fundamental addressing of human horrors at its core. It will show you sights never before seen. It will leave you brutalized.

— Mitch Davis