Alliance VivaFilm + Fantasia present: HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN – THE CANADIAN PREMIERE!

Alliance VivaFilm + The Fantasia International Film Festival present
Hosted by director Jason Eisener and producer Robert Cotterill!

March 21st – 7:30 PM
Scotiabank cinema
4 days before it hits theatrical release!

PLUS! Bonus Second feature: STORY OF RICKY (RIKI-OH) and a smorgasbord of 35mm grindhouse trailers from the 70s and 80s!

The only way in to this screening is by winning a ticket! Fantasia will be giving away over 30 double passes through our Facebook page, and there will also be ticket giveaways over the next few days at Arrow in the Head, Ioncinema, Fangoria, Montreal Mirror, Rue Morgue, Sinistre Blogzine, Sound on Sight and Twitch!


Alliance VivaFilm is joining forces with the Fantasia Film Festival to give HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN the spectacular Canadian launch it deserves!

The story of a kind-hearted, lone-wolf raggedy man (Rutger Hauer, in his most show-stopping role since 1986’s THE HITCHER) who takes on an evil crime kingpin Travis Bickle-style, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN is more funny, crazy, bloody and brazen than any film in recent memory – and it’s coming to Montreal with a vengeance!

The HOBO saga started with a contest. SXSW’s ‘Grindhouse Trailer contest’ to be exact: As part of the promotions for Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s GRINDHOUSE in 2007, Ain’t It Cool News announced a three week deadline to come up with a “grindhouse” style trailer for a fake movie, and Jason Eisener, Rob Cotterill and Jon Davies spent the next six days running around Halifax with no budget, no permits and a blood-soaked vagrant carrying a real shotgun. Contestants around the globe waited as their posted entries battled it out on the internet, and the HOBO creators watched as their trailer soared in the audience ratings department and became a Youtube phenomenon. When Rodriguez announced HOBO as the winner, the trailer not only ended up as a special feature on the Blu-Ray edition of GRINDHOUSE, but Alliance’s Jim Sherry decided to strike 186 35mm film prints of the trailer to release it Canada-wide, in every theater where GRINDHOUSE screened. And from there, the idea of a feature film version was born.

HOBO Producer Rob Cotterill is a former Montrealer who is a longtime Fantasia friend and regular; his first taste of working on a film set was on Karim Hussain’s SUBCONSCIOUS CRUELTY as well as several of Mitch Davis’ projects at Infliction Films. When he completed school at Concordia, Rob began working in the industry as an Assistant Director and met his future partner Jason Eisener on the set of TRAILER PARK BOYS. After the HOBO trailer won the hearts and minds of genre fans around the globe, the two followed it up with the now-obligatory cautionary Christmas tale TREEVENGE, which had its World Premiere at Fantasia, won the audience award and later because a major cause celebre at Sundance!

Sundance continued their support of our Canuck wunderkinds with the World Premiere of HOBO at Sundance earlier this year, where it took Park City by storm, leaving audiences gobsmacked and amazed and garnering rave reviews in every kind of media – from the leading cult / alternative press to Hollywood Reporter and Esquire!

The film boasts more of the red stuff than we’ve seen in any Canadian film since SUBCONSCIOUS CRUELTY (which is perhaps to be expected since HOBO was lensed by CRUELTY’s director Karim Hussain, who also directed LA BELLE BETE, wrote Nacho Cerda’s THE ABANDONED, and served as one of Fantasia’s key film programmers from 1997-2001) but at its heart is also an underdog story: the kind of story that any Canadian independent artist can relate to when faced with bigger and badder competition south of the border. The kind of story that our national film industry was built on.

HOBO reclaims Canada’s standing as a hotbed of original and subversive genre cinema. Like 2008′s festival sensation SWEET KARMA (which World Premiered at Fantasia and went on to win numerous awards throughout the circuit) HOBO brings Canada back to the glory days of the tax shelter era, when independent companies like Cinepix, Quadrant and Astral Films gave genre cinema a national identity (once upon a time we made more horror films that the US did!) HOBO was funded by Telefilm, which until 1984 was known as the CFDC – the primary investor in over a decade of amazing genre cinema. And after almost 30 years of trying to clean up the ‘face’ of Canadian cinema, cheers to Telefilm for acknowledging the massive genre potential of our country. Like I always say: there are two kinds of people in the world: those who want to see the bus go over the cliff, and those who don’t. There are a lot more Canadians in the former camp than you might think.

While HOBO will undoubtedly be a hard act to follow, our guests have curated a bonus second feature: an eye-popping uncut 35mm print of Ngai Kai Lam’s insane 1991 grindhouse classic STORY OF RICKY (Riki-oh)! PLUS! rare 35mm exploitation film trailers from the ’70s and ’80s, and other surprises! Don’t miss your chance to be part of Canadian genre film history – be there!

(Kier-La Janisse)

HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN will be in theatres across Canada March 25.

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    Nice write-up by the way. Love the bus question.

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