Awards for KEN RUSSELL and animation duo DON BLUTH + GARY GOLDMAN!


Ken Russell is one of the world’s greatest living filmmakers, a true original whose vibrant films explode with passion, wit, and invention, powerhouse performances and obsessive visual detail. Fantasia will present Britain’s celebrated enfant terrible, the director of such one-of-a-kind classics as ALTERED STATES, TOMMY, CRIMES OF PASSION, WOMEN IN LOVE, LISZTOMANIA, GOTHIC, SALOME’S LAST DANCE, SAVAGE MESSIAH and LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM, with a lifetime achievement award in celebration of his astoundingly unique and bravely provocative visions. On the night of this ceremony – July 19 – we will screen his legendary and still-controversial 1971 masterpiece THE DEVILS. This extraordinarily powerful film, which remains unavailable on DVD anywhere in the world, stars Oliver Reed and Vanessa Redgrave and features surrealistic art direction by Derek Jarman. Russell will be in town for a week and our special “Devils’ Night” award presentation will kick-off a retrospective of his work at the Cinémathèque Québècoise.

THE DEVILS screens July 19 at the Concordia Hall Theatre.


An honorary prize will be awarded to the animation masters in honour of their fantastic body of work!

Legendary film director Ken Russell is not the only one to be honoured by the Fantasia Film Festival this summer. Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, the creative driving force behind such animation masterpieces as THE SECRET OF NIHM, AN AMERICAN TAIL, THE LAND BEFORE TIME and ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN, will be awarded a prize in recognition of their illustrious careers.

After several years working with the Disney studios, Bluth and Goldman started their own independent animation studio in 1979. They have collaborated with such renowned filmmakers as Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, delved into the world of video games with the DRAGON’S LAIR series and are responsible for a dozen wonderfully imaginative feature films

To celebrate, the Fantasia Film Festival will be screening a 35mm version of the prehistoric classic THE LAND BEFORE TIME, a touching tale that has endeared a generation of movie enthusiasts. Fans will also get a chance to meet the filmmakers in person during a round table discussion on animated cinema.

The ceremony honouring Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, followed by the presentation of THE LAND BEFORE TIME, will take place on July 17th at 4:00 PM in Concordia’s Hall Theatre.

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