Individualistic, cutting-edge genre cinema from Canada is front and centre at this year’s Fantasia fest. 

Rob Grant (director of the crazy impressive Super 8 zombie epic YESTERDAY) and his team are back – this time with a proper budget – with the positively lunatic, blood-soaked comedy MON AMI (World Premiere).  Selma Blair, Josh Close and Rachel Miner star in Jeremy Power Regimbal’s terrifying home invasion thriller REPLICAS (Canadian Premiere), a standout at Tribeca this year. David Boutin and Maxime Dumontier star as a pair of estranged brothers who exorcise their family demons while forced to spend a week together as a condition to an inheritance in Steve Kerr’s gripping COLOMBARIUM (World Premiere). Enter the broken mind of a serial killer who desperately wants to be a good person in Braden Croft’s compellingly terrific breakout HEMORHHAGE (Quebec Premiere).

Canada has now got an ERASERHEAD (or BEGOTTEN!) to call its own in the form of Seth Smith’s hallucinatory and wildly original starfish-tripping LOW LIFE (World Premiere). Boris Rodriguez’s Tribeca film fest hit EDDIE: THE SLEEPWALKING CANNIBAL (Canadian Premiere) is a rare co-prod between Denmark and Canada that depicts a humorously macabre solution to writer’s block and stars Thure Lindhardt, Georgina Reill and Stephen McHattie. McHattie also appears in Casey Walker’s award-winning A LITTLE BIT ZOMBIE (Quebec Premiere), a romantic zombie comedy (yes!) in which an undead outbreak is launched through mosquitos.  The great McHattie appears once again in Pascal Laugier’s THE TALL MAN (Canadian Premiere) starring alongside Jessica Biel in an unconventional, disturbing and politically-charged new chiller from the inimitable Laugier, whose previous film, MARTYRS, has already become a modern classic of the genre.

A motely pack of misfits defend the earth against Count Draculon’s robo-Nazi-vampires from Hell in Steven Kostanski’s completely insane (and multiple award-winning!) MANBORG (Quebec Premiere). A porn producer tries his hand at producing a children’s puppet show in Aaron Houston’s raunchy mockumentary THE SUNFLOWER HOUR (Montreal Premiere).

A lone female cop (DEVIL’s Zoie Palmer) faces down against murderous thugs in the nightmarishly vast isolation ward of a major urban hospital in Jason Lapeyre’s COLD BLOODED (Quebec Premiere). Michael Peterson’s LLOYD THE CONQUEROR (Quebec Premiere) is a riotous look at the world of LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) starring Mike “Bubbles” Smith and featuring a nearly wall-to-wall soundtrack of indie Canadian metal bands. FinallyAndrew Bush’s ROLLER TOWN (Quebec Premiere) is an inspired, eccentric sendup of early ‘80s disco films that turned endless heads at Slamdance this year.

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