Documentaries From The Edge – Back for Fourth Year!

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The Fantasia Film Festival is proud to announce the return of DOCUMENTARIES FROM THE EDGE for an outstanding fourth edition. Throughout the years, this series dedicated to thought-provoking and remarkable documentaries has earned the praise of both critics and the general public alike and has established itself as one of the backbones of the festival. This year, fans will get a chance to see five feature films each with its own unique view on some truly captivating topics.

Just like a documentary, the year’s selection does not follow a script. In fact we cannot even outline a general theme as all the movies featured in DOCUMENTARIES FROM THE EDGE have their own very personal vision and feel. From an intimate portrait of a living rock legend, to a letter written for the generations to come, to the memories of a cult movie director, each feature is wildly distinct from the next. This lack of unity is nonetheless to be valued as it mirrors the rich diversity of the modern documentary filmmaker.

A hit at South by Southwest and Hot Docs, Jeff Malmberg’s MARWENCOL paints a deeply intimate picture of Mark Hogancamp, a man who after being left with no memory due to a vicious attack created his very own world of miniatures. Filmed over four years, this disturbing and fascinating movie follows every step of a tormented man’s struggle to regain some sense of his life through outsider art. Also lauded on the international festival circuit, Michael Madsen’s INTO ETERNITY plunges us five kilometres under Finland where tons of radioactive waste is buried daily. Somewhere between poetic documentary and science fiction, the Danish director asks a difficult and sensitive question: how can we warn future generations of an evil their ancestors have worked so hard to keep hidden? Going in a completely different direction with LEMMY, Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski bring us an evocative and hilarious portrait of Motörhead’s lead singer, a man considered to be one of the founding fathers of heavy metal. Sure to shock, Marc D. Levitz’s FEAST OF THE ASSUMPTION : THE OTERO FAMILY MURDERS thrusts us into the world of an ordinary man who must confront his tragic past years after his family’s brutal murder at the hands of the BTK serial killer. Finally, HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS – THE GODFATHER OF GORE exposes the career of one of the most influential directors in the exploitation genre. Through numerous interviews, testimonials and stock footage, Frank Henenlotter, of BASKET CASE and BAD BIOLOGY fame, and Jimmy Maslon paint a detailed picture of the controversial visionary Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Wes Orshoki, Frank Hennenlotter, Jimmy Maslon, producer Mike Vraney and Herschell Gordon Lewis will all be present at the screenings of their respective movies.

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