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Montreal, July 11, 2011 – It’s become a well-known fact that Fantasia excels at inviting filmmakers from the four corners of the world and showing them a great time in Montreal. This year, the festival keeps up with its habit of inviting more guests each year, with a record-breaking 125 directors, producers and actors coming to Fantasia to present their film’s premiere at the festival’s 16th edition.

With the addition of the Fantasia Industry Rendez-Vous, the festival will also welcome more members of the film industry than ever before. In addition to the previously mentioned guests that will also partake in the market, 55 filmmakers and producers from here, the USA, the UK, France, Australia and New Zealand will present their projects in the Frontières International Co-Production market. 75 members of the film industry (producers, distributors, international sales agents, etc.) will also be coming to the Industry Rendez-Vous to do some business around the Frontières projects and films in Fantasia’s programming. With the addition of our international competitions jury members, festival programmers and international press, over 300 members of the film industry will be at Fantasia this year, more than 250 of them from July 26 to 29. This establishes Fantasia even more firmly as one of the foremost meeting places in the genre film industry.

Special guests include:

Jennifer Lynch (SURVEILLANCE) comes to present the World Premiere of her film CHAINED, as well as the documentary DESPITE THE GODS, which followed her while filming HISSS.

Michael Biehn (ALIENS, THE TERMINATOR) comes to Fantasia for a second year in a row to present the World Premiere of his directing debut THE VICTIM, as well present SUSHI GIRL and be part of our main competition jury. Also coming for SUSHI GIRL are Mark Hamill (STAR WARS) and Tony Todd (CANDYMAN).

Noboru Iguchi (KARATE ROBO-ZABORGAR) comes back to Fantasia to once again present two films: ZOMBIE ASS and the World Premiere of DEAD SUSHI, accompanied by actress and martial artist Rina Takeda (HIGH-KICK GIRL).

Director, regular John Woo collaborator and 40-year veteran editor of Hong Kong action films David Wu (HARD BOILED, RED CLIFF) arrives to present the Canadian premiere of COLD STEEL with composer Lawrence Shragge.

Experienced Canadian actor Stephen McHattie (PONTYPOOL) is in no less than three films at Fantasia this year: A LITTLE BIT ZOMBIE, EDDIE: THE SLEEPWALKING CANNIBAL and THE TALL MAN.

Actor Michael Eklund (THE DIVIDE) comes back to Fantasia with the World Premiere of ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY.

More TV actors will be coming to Fantasia than ever before as well, with Danny Masterson (MEN AT WORK, THAT ‘70S SHOW) and Brooke Nevin (BREAKOUT KINGS, CALL ME FITZ) presenting ALTER EGOS, AnnaLynne McCord (90210) with her leading role in EXCISION, Mike Smith (TRAILER PARK BOYS) with LLOYD THE CONQUEROR, and Casper Van Dien (WATCH OVER ME, STARSHIP TROOPERS) presenting THE PACT and STARSHIP TROOPERS: INVASION.

Here’s the guest line-up for Fantasia 2012 (listed by film):

A LITTLE BIT ZOMBIE: Director / Producer Casey Walker and Actors Crystal Lowe, Stephen McHattie, Shawn Roberts and Kristopher Turner.

A NIGHT OF NIGHTMARES: Director / Writer Buddy Giovinazzo.

ALTER EGOS: Director / Writer / Producer Jordan Galland, Composer Sean Lennon (TBC) and Actors Joey Kern, Kris Lemche, Danny Masterson and Brooke Nevin.

ASURA: Producer Yoshi Ikezawa.

BEAST: Producer Tine Grew Pfeiffer and Associate Producer Caroline Schlüter.

BONEBOYS: Co-Directors Duane Graves and Justin Meeks, Writer / Producer Kim Henkel, Producer Ian Henkel, Executive Producer Robert Kuhn and Associate Producer Pat Cassidy.

THE CAPTURED BIRD: Director / Writer / Co-Producer Jovanka Vuckovic and Producer Jason Lapeyre.

CHAINED: Director / Co-Writer Jennifer Lynch and Co-Writer Damian O’Donnell.

CITADEL: Director Ciaran Foy (TBC) and Producer Brian Coffey.

COLD STEEL: Director / Writer / Editor David Wu and Composer Lawrence Shragge.

CRAVE: Director / Co-Writer / Producer Charles de Lauzirika, Actor Josh Lawson and Associate Producer Raleigh Stewart.

DEAD SUSHI: Director / Writer Noboru Iguchi, Actress Rina Takeda, Composer Yasuhiko Fukuda, Producer Mana Fukui and Executive Producer Katsumi Otani.

DESPITE THE GODS: Director Penny Vozniak and Jennifer Lynch as herself.

DOOMSDAY BOOK: Please note that filmmaker Kim Jee-woon had to cancel his appearance at the festival.  DOOMSDAY BOOK Co-Director / Co-Writer Yim Pil-sung will still attend and be available for interviews.

EASTON’S ARTICLE: Director / Writer / Producer Tim Connery, Executive Producer Joe Scherrman and Actor Chad Meyer.

EDDIE: THE SLEEPWALKING CANNIBAL: Director / Co-Writer / Producer Boris Rodriguez, Producer Michael Dobbin and Actors Thure Lindhardt (TBC), Dylan Smith, Georgina Reilly and Stephen McHattie.

ERRORS OF THE HUMAN BODY: Director / Co-Writer Eron Sheenan, Actor Michael Eklund and Producers Cole Payne and Darryn Welch.

EUROCRIME! THE ITALIAN COP AND GANGSTER FILMS THAT RULED THE ‘70S: Director / Writer / Producer / Editor Mike Malloy.

EXCISION: Director / Writer Richard Bates Jr. and Actress AnnaLynne McCord.

FUNERAL KINGS: Co-Directors / Co-Writers / Co-Producers Kevin & Matthew McManus, Co-Producer Michael McGarry and Associate Producer Matt Giacheri.

GAME OF WEREWOLVES: Director / Writer Juan Martinez Moreno.

GRACELAND: Director / Writer Ron Morales, Actor Leon Miguel (TBC), Producer Rebecca Lundgren, Executive Producers Theo Brooks, Joshua Sobel and Eric Ulrich, and Composers Mike Thies & Topu Lyo (Live Footage).

HEMORRHAGE: Director / Writer / Producer / Actor Braden Croft, Producers Elizabeth Levine & Adrian Salpeter, and Associate Producer Benjamin Buchholtz.

HIDDEN IN THE WOODS: Director / Co-Writer / Producer Patricio Valladares and Producer Evelyne Belmar.

THE HUMAN RACE: Director / Writer / Producer Paul Hough, Co-Producer Trip Hope and Actors Paul McCarthy and Eddie McGee.


INBRED: Producer Yazid Benfeghoul.

THE KING OF PIGS: Director / Writer / Editor Yeon Sang-ho.

LLOYD THE CONQUEROR: Director / Co-Writer Michael Peterson, Producer Brendan Hunter and Actor Mike Smith.

MATHILDA: Writer / Producer Tess Meyer.

THE MECHANICAL BRIDE: Director / Producer / Editor Allison de Fren.

MEMORY OF THE DEAD: Director / Writer / Producer / Editor Valentín Javier Diment.

MON AMI: Director / Writer / Executive Producer Rob Grant.

MY AMITYVILLE HORROR: Director / Writer / Producer / Editor Eric Walter and Producer Andrea Adams.

NAKEDNESS WHICH WANTS TO DIE TOO MUCH: Director / Writer / Actor / Producer Hidenobu Abera.

THE PACT: Director / Writer Nicholas McCarthy, Producer Ross Dinerstein, Actor Casper Van Dien.

PARANORMAN: Director / Writer Chris Butler, Director Sam Fell and Producer Travis Knight.

PLAY DEAD: Co-Director / Co-Writer / Executive Producer / Actor Teller, Co-Writer / Actor Todd Robbins, Co-Director / Producer Shade Rupe, Associate Producer Ezekiel Zabrowski.

RESOLUTION: Co-Director / Writer / Producer Justin Benson, Co-Director Aaron Moorhead and Producer David Lawson.

SCHOOLGIRL APOCALYPSE: Director / Writer John Cairns.

SUNFLOWER HOUR: Director / Writer / Producer Aaron Houston and Actor Amitai Marmorstein.

SUSHI GIRL: Director / Co-Writer / Producer / Editor Kern Saxton, Co-Writer / Producer / Actor Destin Pfaff, Executive Producer / Actor Tony Todd and Actors Mark Hamill and Michael Biehn.

TOAD ROAD: Director / Writer / Producer / Cinematographer Jason Banker and Producers Elizabeth Levine, Adrian Salpeter and Jorge Torres-Torres.

TOY MASTERS: Director / Co-Writer / Cinematographer / Co-Editor Roger Lay Jr., Co-Writer / Producer Corey Landis and Co-Editor Robert Meyer Burnett.

UNDER THE BED: Director / Executive Producer / Editor Steven C. Miller and Producer Brad Miska.

V/H/S: Segment Writer / Segment Producer Simon Barrett and Producers Roxanne Benjamin & Brad Miska.

THE VICTIM: Director / Co-Writer / Actor Michael Biehn and Producer / Actress Jennifer Blanc-Biehn.

THE WARPED FOREST: Director / Co-Writer / Producer Shunichiro Miki and Producer Mayumi Miki.

YES WE CAN: Director Olivier Abbou (TBC) and Cinematographer Karim Hussain.

YUKUHARU: Director / Writer / Producer / Editor Jason Gray and Producer Eiko Mizuno Gray.

ZOMBIE ASS: Director / Co-Writer Noboru Iguchi.


Following its growing industry attendance and along with the creating of the Industry Rendez-Vous, Fantasia has also organised more conferences this year. Join us for these free discussions that promise to be informative:

Panel: If They Came from Within: Saturday July 21st, 5:30pm, Reggies.

Panel: A Look that Kills – How Art Moves Your Genre Film: Monday July 23rd, 5pm, Reggies.

Panel: Off-Ciel présente : Sur la légion: Regards croisés sur le mouvement des hacktivistes: Following the screening of WE ARE LEGION: THE STORY OF THE HACKTIVISTS, this roundtable will discuss the issues raised by the documentary and analyse the hacktivism phenomenon, as embodied by the Anonymous movement. Tuesday July 24th, 5pm, Reggies.

Panel: Digital Resurrection – The Art of Producing Home Video Special Editions: Wednesday July 25th, 5pm, Reggies.

Panel: International Co-Production – Practical Funding Aspects: International producers Brian Coffey, Michael Dobbin, Pierre Even and Adria Mones will discuss various practical and financial details related to international co-productions. Industry Rendez-Vous Conference – Open to public after industry has been seated. Thursday July 26th, 3pm, 7th Floor Concordia Hall.

Presentation: Shooting Possibilities in Quebec: Hans Fraikin from the Quebec Film and Television Council will present the various production and post-productions opportunities and incentive programs available in Quebec. Industry Rendez-Vous Conference – Open to public after industry has been seated. Thursday July 26th, 4:30pm, 7th Floor Concordia Hall.

Panel: Transmedia Promotion Before and During Production: A presentation of four cases that worked well with crowdfunding and web promotion in the past year: THE ABCS OF DEATH, A LITTLE BIT ZOMBIE, THE CAPTURED BIRD and REWIND THIS!, moderated by Jon Reiss. Industry Rendez-Vous Conference – Open to public after industry has been seated. Friday July 27th, 3:30pm, 7th Floor Concordia Hall.

Master-Class: Direct-to-Fan Distribution and Digital Marketing of Your Film: A presentation by Jon Reiss that empowers independent filmmakers to take care of the promotion and distribution of their films themselves. Industry Rendez-Vous Conference – Open to public after industry has been seated. Saturday July 28th, 3pm, 7th Floor Concordia Hall.

Panel: Finding an International Sales Agents and Making the Deal: International Sales Agents James Fler (Raven Banner), Adrian Mones (Filmax) and more will explain the international sales process, how to find the right agent for your film and what financial deals are in place. Industry Rendez-Vous Conference – Open to public after industry has been seated. Sunday July 29th, 3:30pm, 7th Floor Concordia Hall.

Panel: Retour dans le ventre du dragon: A discussion about the shooting of this unique Quebec film with Yves Simoneau, Michel Côté, Pierre Curzi, Rémy Girard, Andrée Lachapelle, David La Haye and Marie Tifo. Fantastique Week-end du Court Métrage Québécois Conference. Thursday August 2nd, 4:30pm, Reggies.

Panel: Best Practices on Crowdfunding and Film Distribution in Digital Times: A distribution case study of Arin Crumley’s FOUR EYED MONSTERS, the first feature-length movie released on YouTube, which then screened theatrically around the world using the first location-based request system for independent film. Friday August 3rd, 3pm, Reggies.

Master-Class: Réalisation avec Jean-Marc Vallée: Jean-Marc Vallée will give a 90-minute master class about the different stages of his career. He’ll also give some advice to emerging directors and answer questions from the audience. Fantastique Week-end du Court Métrage Québécois Conference. Friday August 3rd, 5pm, Reggies.

Panel: Regards sur le parcours de quatre animateurs québécois: Patrick Bouchard, Patrick Doyon, Érik Goulet and Theodore Ushev will discuss their work and give advice to fellow animators who want to make a living from their art. Fantastique Week-end du Court Métrage Québécois Conference. Saturday August 4th, 4pm, Reggies.

Panel: Les Cascades au cinéma québécois: Director Erik Canuel and stunt coordinator Jean Frenette will discuss the job of a stuntman, the planning of movie stunts and the relation between a stunt coordinator and a director. Fantastique Week-end du Court Métrage Québécois Conference. Sunday August 5th, 4pm, Reggies.

Master-Class: David Bordwell: Dynamic Chinese Action!: Mr. Bordwell will discuss the influence of Hong Kong action cinema on the world and its reverse effects. Sunday August 5th, 6pm, Reggies.


Fantasia Under the Stars and Program Launch. Free outdoor screenings. Thursday July 12th to Sunday July 15th, from 7pm, Place de la Paix (St-Laurent in-between René-Levesque and Ste-Catherine)

Fantasia Opening Party: Thursday July 19th, 9pm, Club 1234 (1234 De la Montagne).

If They Came from Within Vernissage: Friday July 20th, 5pm, Cinémathèque québécoise (335 De Maisonneuve East).

LLOYD THE CONQUEROR After-Party Heavy Metal Larp: Evening show with two bands, presented by Dungeon Works Productions & Heavy Metal Music Association of Canada. Attendees are encouraged to dress up. Sunday, July 22nd, 8pm, Piranha Bar (680 Ste-Catherine West).

Art/Crime DVD release: Launch party for the DVD of this Frédérick Maheux documentary about Rémy Couture’s legal troubles. Mercredi le 25 juillet, 17h, Kafeïn (1429A Bishop).


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