Fantasia Nuit Blanche: Outer Limits of Animation 2010!

Outer Limits of Animation 2010
International 2010 • 86 min •video •English/French

Sunday, February 27th, 2011 – 2:00 am
Admission: 5 $
salle de la cinérobothèque de l’ONF
1564 Saint-Denis (corner of de Maisonneuve blvd)

Within the framework of this year’s Nuit Blanche, Fantasia team up with the NFB to present a whole night of short festure festivities. Get ready for an unusual journey through some 20 short films, spotlighting a variety of animation and narrative forms.

From Beijing, discover MAGIC CUBE AND PING-PONG, a strange adventure in a cubic world about a ping-pong player who finds love while looking for a stray ball. From England, we celebrate black and white with RABBIT PUNCH, a nostalgic cartoon from Kristian Andrews using ink drawings, and THE BLACK DOG’S PROGRESS, a sad story aptly told by Stephen Irwin using flip-book animation. Spanish director Alvaro Rey gives us the charming THE GIRL WHO ONLY HAD ONE EAR while Michal Socha from Norway uses style and irony to depict the consequences of infatuation in CHICK. Experience the Malagasy tradition of reviving the dead through the eyes of a Westerner in the animated MADAGASCAR, CARNET DE VOYAGE by Bastien Dubois. AD INFINITUM from Ben Ridgway is sure to please any fan of psychedelia, the American Bill Plympton has another surprise in store for us with THE COW WHO WANTED TO BE A HAMBURGER, a fable on the power of publicity, the meaning of life and motherly love!

Cordell Barker from Manitoba offers the elated TRAIN EN FOLIE; Patrick Boivin displays his stop-motion talent with NINJA UNBOXING; and Diego Maclean, inspired by a Billy Collins poem, gives us THE ART OF DROWNING. Two filmmakers from Nunavut, Jonathan Wright and Ame Papatsle, present their respective films THE BEAR FACT and QALUPALIK. You will also enjoy films from Hothouse, a training program for emerging Canadian filmmakers, including ORANGE by Sylvie Trouvé and WIGGLES AND GIGGLES from Sara Guindon. With LES ANGES DÉCHETS, Pierre M. Trudeau showcases an environment made with recycled objects, while Mathieu Bories lets loose with FISH, a funny and non-narrative frenzy. Lastly, witness the best of the 2010 student films from the Animation department of the Cégep du Vieux Montréal—LES AVENTURES D’HERGUS (HISTOIRE DE RADIS) (Caroline Horscroft), JEAN-PAUL (Fred Pitteloud), LA CONFIRMISTE (Elaine Desroches), LE DERNIER VOYAGE (Nancy Caron), Y NEIGE (Kim Fredette) and L’AUBE (Jean-François Proulx).


1 H – La Nuit blanche fantastique du court métrage québécois
Les films plus surprenants du Fantastique week-end
2 H 30 – Au-delà de l’animation 2010
Les meilleurs courts métrages d’animation présentés dans le cadre du festival Fantasia
4 H – Concept du Labyrinthe
Une expérience audiovisuelle hors du commun

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