FANTASIA Opening Party

Party d’ouverture FANTASIA / FANTASIA Opening Party
présenté par/ presented by la Société des arts technologiques [SAT], McAuslan, Barefoot Wine & MixSessions

Jeudi 18 juillet // Thursday July 18th, 9PM
Entrée gratuite // Free Admission
Ouvert à tous // Open to all

Société des arts technologiques [SAT] (1201, Boul. Saint-Laurent)

Djs et Vjs de 21h à 3h

0h30-01h30 : DJ LE MATOS / VJ JOCOOL
01h30-3h00 : DJ B’UGO / VISUELSBANG!

Venez célébrer le lancement de la 17e édition de Fantasia!!
Come celebrate the launch of Fantasia’s 17th edition!!

4 Responses

  1. C’est quelle date? (je pense qu’il manque la date…)

  2. Le 18, après le film d’ouverture.

  3. Oh no! Worlds End is sold out already?!

    I knew for sure waiting in line after work result in it being sold out for sure but I figured I could buy them online! And alas nothing left only 3 hours after the went on sale!

    Are there special allocated tickets for online and for on the site?

    I don’t remember anything selling out this fast before, what is the difference in number of seats from Condordia to Imperial? More? Less?

    I really hope some tickets get liberated!

  4. The tickets went sold out while I was waiting in line, and then I found out I could have just stayed home, spent an extra dollar and gotten a ticket for World’s End. Not impressed with the organization of Fantasia this year, way to not support your fans who wait in line, guys.

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