Friday July 12th, 7pm @ Société des Arts Technologiques (S.A.T.), 1201, Boul. Saint-Laurent

Join us to celebrate the launch of the 2013 program at the SAT. Get your schedule and your program, including the trailers DVD (almost 4 hours of trailers and extras) before everybody else! From 8pm onwards, we will screen nearly 100 trailers for the films of this year’s fest, on the many giant screens inside the SAT. Come discover the festival’s programming in a festive and friendly atmosphere.

TIND will VJ the evening.

Doors: 8pm
Projections: 9pm

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  1. Can’t wait for another edition this year!

    By the way, when or how did the news come out that it’s not Concordia anymore? Can’t help but notice that it’s now at the Imperial (which was there in the beginning)

    I just hope people won’t start lining up at the usual wall at Concordia. I hate change so yeah I’ll surely miss my little hangout.

    But yeah, why the change? I know Concordia was temporary when the Imperial was under construction i think. But then it kinda became it’s home. I’ve been going to the Festival for almost 9 years now i think and it’s always been at Concordia for me.

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    We announced we’d be returning at the Imperial weeks ago, but fear not, it is a temporary move. Concordia are renovating the Hall theater, putting in new seats for next year, and we’ll be back there, as usual, in 2014. However, notice we are using the De Sève this year. We agree, Concordia has always been the fest’s home. Here’s hoping you have a great fest regardless of the venue!

  3. Finally, Hall will have new seats – that’s worth a year with Fantasia out of Concordia! My husband, currently 59 years old, attended lectures in the Hall theatre in the 1970s, and he swears the seats in there up to now are the ones he used 40 years ago! We’ve been attending Fantasia for 15 years or so, missed the first couple of years, and it only keeps getting better and better. Bonne fete!

  4. Whew, I’m relieved!

    I was just looking at the online schedule and was wondering “WTH! What happened between Concordia and Fantasia?”

    I’m glad this is just for one year, Concordia and Fantasia could now be considered common-law partners! ;)

    Woohoo, it’s Fantasia time!

  5. where else and how soon can we pick up a program otherwise? same suspects as last year, i hope?

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