FANTASIA UNDER THE STARS: July 10-11, 13-14,2013 @ Parc de la Paix, 7pm.
Fantasia, in collaboration with Société des arts technologiques [SAT], Le Quartier des spectacles and 24Heures present FANTASIA UNDER THE STARS, July 10-11 & 13-14, four evenings of free outdoor screenings at the Place the la Paix, a small parc located on the Saint-Laurent Blvd. near the Monument-National and the S.A.T. (1201, Saint-Laurent). In case of rain, the screenings will be cancelled.

7-9pm : DJs & guest chefs.
9-11pm : Projections.

Wednesday July 10th: HANSEL & GRETEL
Yim Pil-Sung | South Korea | 2007 | 117 minutes | Korean (French subtitles)

HANSEL & GRETEL is a fantastic, macabre and cruel tale. Following a car accident on an isolated road, Eun-soo meets a young girl that leads him to a charming house in the middle of the woods, where’s he’s greeted by a exemplary family of 5 – two parents and 3 kids. The following day, when he attempts to get back to his vehicle, the forest seems never-ending and he ends up back at the house. Soon, Eun-soo realizes he’s trapped within a fantastical reality, a lugubrious fairy tale controlled by the children he met earlier, who have taken prisoner the adults that visited them in the past. In collaboration with Evokative Films.
TIND will DJ from 7 to 9pm.

Thursday July 11th: TRAILER 3

Fake trailers program | International |2012 | 75 minutes | French

Pierrot Néron and Carnior, masters of the zombies and latex monsters from Québec, present the full 3rd edition of TRAILER, a series of fake trailers to films you will never see…for the better, in some cases. How many hours have you lost to a film because of a misleading trailer? With TRAILER, you cannot be disappointed, as it showcases films that do no t exist. What to expect: arm-less athletes, flirty ghosts, space Santas and rapist rats…As a complement, you will see the best of TRAILER 2. Not to be missed!

Jan Pienkowski aux will DJ from 7 to 9pm.


Saturday July 13th : THE GOLDORAK EVENT
Masayuki Akemi, Tomoharu Katsumata & Masamune Ochiai | Japan | 1975 | 81 minutes | French version.

At 2 million lightyears from Earth, the Vega forces have destroyed the planet Euphor. Actarus, its prince, managed to escape on board of his powerful golden robot Goldorak. Hidden on our planet, he finds refuge with Procyon, a scientist embracing him like his son. Meanwhile, the great Stratéguerre establishes a secret lair on the moon, awaiting the right moment to annihilate Actarus and his newfound planet. GOLDORAK is back at the Place de la Paix! Fantasia will be presenting three episodes from the cult series: ep. 49:”The Last Survivor”, as well as episodes 52 and 53, “The Monster Generation” and “The Beast”, where Goldorak battles the mecha version of KING KONG.

Copies of the GOLDORAK: THE COMPLETE SERIES will be raffled.
MIGHTYKAT will DJ from 7 to 9pm.

Damiano Damiani & Sergio Leone | Italy | 1975 | 120 minutes | French version

Cult film in Québec, A GENIUS, TWO FRIENDS AND AN IDIOT (UN GENION, DUE COMPARI, UN POLLO show in its French version, UN GÉNIE, DEUX ASSOCIÉS ET UNE CLOCHE) stars local rock star Robert Charlebois alongside an international cast including Terence Hill, Patrick McGoohan, Miou-Miou and Klaus Kinski. With memorable Ennio Morricone tunes on its soundtrack, this humoristic western was produced and supervised by Sergio Leone, who directs the film’s minimalist and tense opening sequence.

Exceptionally, the film will start at 8h45 instead of 9pm.

Taxi Nouveau will DJ from 7 to 8h45.

(Translation: AEC)

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