HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN blows audiences away at the Canadian Premiere!

The long-awaited Canadian premiere of Hobo With a Shotgun went down last night at Montreal’s Scotiabank Theatre with Director Jason Eisener, producer Rob Cotterill, screenwriter John Davies and a full house of salivating genre fans in attendance. With audiences buzzing since the critically-lauded Sundance premiere earlier this year, Hobo With a Shotgun has become an unlikely national treasure in a very short time.

Jason got on the mike and talked about his experience premiering his short film Treevenge at Fantasia in 2008; uncertain as to how it would play to an audience that wasn’t made up of family and friends, he was floored when the crowd erupted into applause, making him feel like a rock star: an experience that he asserts gave him the confidence he needed to start submitting it to festivals worldwide, and to get the Hobo feature off the ground.

Hobo Cinematographer and longtime Fantasia pal (and former programmer!) Karim Hussain was not able to make it due to a gig in South Africa with Territories director Olivier Abbou, but he sent along an introductory note to be read aloud, while Fantasia programmer Mitch Davis applauded Telefilm (who were in the room) for their radical decision to support this boundary-blasting film.

Immediately preceding the film were vintage 35mm trailers for Gary Sherman’s street-scum masterpiece Vice Squad, over-the-top Linda Blair revenge vehicle Savage Streets, Jack Hill’s Filipino WIP flick The Big Doll House and early Chuck Norris actioner An Eye for an Eye – the latter ripping in the projector gate (they don’t make projectionists like they used to).

The fans chuckled and cheered throughout –everyone loves a bit of the ol’ red stuff, and the FX throughout were extraordinary. Immediately after the credits rolled, the crew parked themselves at the front of the room for a brief Q+A that began with the question: “When are you making a sequel?” – which should give you an indication as to how the audience felt about the film. The most interesting question for me, was about their use of the Raccoons theme song “Run With Us” for the end credits (for anyone too young/too old to remember, The Raccoons was a popular Canadian animated show in the 1980s) . Having expended their music budget on well-known hits such as Disco Inferno, they found they no longer had any money left with which to license the Raccoons song – but no matter, the copyright owners were so pumped about the idea of being associated with the film that they donated the song!

Also in attendance was veteran producer Niv Fichman – the man behind such Canadian arthouse heavy-hitters The Saddest Music in the World, Last Night, The Red Violin and 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould – a collaboration that was in itself a coup for the Hobo filmmakers. “I got to be the adult,” Fichman said in the Q+A, adding – when asked if it was hard to convince Telefilm to allow certain things – that “Yes, there were questions. But this was the movie we were making, so if we were going to temper it, what would be the point of making it?”

Mitch urged people who were seeing the film for free that night to buy a ticket for a friend on opening weekend if they enjoyed the film, and then part two of the event kicked off: a rare 35mm screening of the notorious HK category III movie Story of Ricky (Riki-Oh), preceded by 35mm trailers for heroic biker gang film Angels Die Hard, 80s sewer slimefest CHUD, underseen vigilante flick Fighting Back, Canadian tax shelter fave Visiting Hours (featuring genre giant Michael Ironside!) and a double-bill of Brian DePalma’s Sisters and Wes Craven’s Last House on the Left.

After the screening the Fantasia crew and the Hobo crew went down the street to chat and stayed up into the wee hours talking about things like messed up Canadian kids movies, character actors, the appeal of Streets of Fire and so much more- then we had to pack ‘em up in a cab so that they could catch an early morning flight to the film’s next destination, Toronto! Good luck boys!

Stay tuned for photos from the event!

-Kier-La Janisse

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