The fantastic weekend of Quebec shorts is here!

The fantastic weekend of Quebec shorts will be taking place this weekend. This must-see event for any fan of Quebec cinema will be held at the magnificent Imperial Theatre at 1432 rue Bleury, Place-des-arts metro.

Each of the 8 separate programs will be preceded by the introduction of the directors on site. Just to name a few Melissa auf der Maur (known from Hole and Smashing Pumpkins) as well as Jimmy Neilan Clary and Kris Happy Jack McKenzie, two Native American directors who have come especially for this event.

The Fantastic Weekend offers you over 130 Quebec short films of all genres and themes. Each program will surely satisfy even the most demanding cinephile: drama, comedy, science fiction, mockumentary, horror, etc. Make sure to catch the Friday night “Late Show” if you are a fan of big thrills and bigger laughs. However, if you would prefer a more family oriented venue, don’t miss the Sunday program at 1:00 p.m. For everyone else, there is a spicy buffet with a hint of irreverence, exciting new flavours and the occasional touches of romance.

Please see the online schedule for show times.

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