TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL – the official closing film of Fantasia!

The official closing day of Fantasia is here! That doesn’t mean we don’t have another whole day of amazing programming for you after the official closing day – including TBAs of Centurion and The Devils, the premiere of a double-header of Mesrine crime films (starring cult character actor Vincent Cassel) and the Metropolis Gala at the Place des Arts, all on Wednesday July 28th. After all, we always crank it up to 11!

After what’s been a fantastic year full of clever capers, rollicking adventure, intense psychodrama, comic book craftiness, political horror, inspired musical interludes and face time with some of our greatest cinematic heroes, we couldn’t think of a more perfect note to end on than a crowd-pleaser like Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil – It was an official selection for Sundance, won the audience award at SXSW, and now director Eli Craig and actors Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk will be here in person to share a bit of backwoods madness with Montreal!

“A laugh-yourself-stupid movie about lovable hicks mistaken for Texas Chainsaw Massacre-type psychos by camping college kids. It does for massacre flicks what the 2004 spoof Shaun of the Dead did for zombie movies.” -USA Today

TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL plays Tuesday July 27 at 9:45pm in the Hall Theatre. More information including film description, images and trailer on the film page HERE.

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