Fantasia Press – July 28, 2011

The Globe and Mail-Matthew Hays- Rabies Review

“True to many of the best horror movies, there’s a good deal of dark humour involved. Rabies also boasts a killer cast, with some names that will be familiar to fans of Israeli cinema, including Lior Ashkenazi, Ania Bukstein and Ran Danker.”

Fangoria-Samuel Zimmerman- Final Destination 5 World Premiere at Fantasia

“One week before all of North America cheats death for a fifth time, Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival is hosting a surprise World Premiere of FINAL DESTINATION 5!”

Montreal Gazette Blog- Liz Ferguson- Foxy Festival Review

“Kinkiness knows no borders, that’s one lesson we could take away from the Korean comedy Foxy Festival.”

Montreal Gazette Blog-Liz Ferguson-John Landis Q &A

“Today, the Facebook page of Fantasia Film Festivalco-founder and programmer Mitch Davis says this:
Mitch Davis thinks that last night’s hysterical hour-long (John) Landis Q&A was one of the greatest moments of Fantasia’s 15-year history. Totally incredible and hella fun. Extra coolness points awarded for him sticking around for as long as it took to sign every autograph that fans asked for (and that line wasn’t small).”

Montreal Gazette Blog- Al Kratina-A Horrible Way To Die Review

“Adam Wingard’s A Horrible Way to Die is an eye-opening film, demonstrating that the serial killer genre need not be confined to some cannibal genius playing cat-and-mouse with a detective in a rumpled suit and three ex-wives.”

Montreal Mirror- Third Week Review

The Montreal Mirror-Matthew Hays-Larry Kent Article

“True to Kent style, Exley is rooted in gritty realism, but Twerdun’s dilemmas grow increasingly surreal as the film progresses. It’s as though Samuel Beckett penned an unusually kinky episode of The Twilight Zone.”

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