Fantasia Press – August 1, 2011

Bloody Disgusting – Mr. Disgusting - Fantasia ’11 [Review] ‘The Theater Bizarre’ Lives Up to Its Name!

“One of the biggest shockers out of the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal was Severin Films’ The Theatre Bizarre, their massive horror anthology featuring the likes of Tom Savini, Richard Stanley, Douglas Buck and many more. Quite reminiscent of HBO’s classic “Tales From the Crypt”, the anthology will be celebrated by all kinds of genre fans.”

Joblo – Alex DiVincenzo – Voltaire Puppet Master of the Macabre to perform at Fantasia

“As I’m sure you are well aware by now, the Fantasia international film festival is currently underway up in Montreal. The festivities come to an end next weekend, but not before Voltaire takes the stage.”

Gazette – T’Cha Dunlevy – Fantasia 2011: The devil (and the vampire) are in the details

“We’re into Week 3 of the Fantasia International Film Festival, with one more week to go. There are screenings every day from noon till midnight, containing more than enough horror, suspense, action and guffaws to go around.”

Midnight Poutine – Christine – Fantasia Two Weeks In, Thereabouts

“This time around Branney directed. The Whisper In Darkness, which screened at Fantasia July 26th, was also an adaptation of a Lovecraft short story that embodied similar vintage charms. It was a talkie, and thusly had the advantage of H.P. Lovecraft’s exceptional way with words brought to one’s ears.  I loved it.”

Sound on Sight – Michael Ryan - Fantasia 2011: ‘Rabies’, Israel’s first horror film

“We certainly don’t see evidence of Kalevet‘s low budget and rushed schedule on screen, proof of John Landis’ assertion, after presenting his film Burke and Hare at Fantasia, that “if you can tell a film is low budget the director didn’t know how to do his job.” While the film on-screen is proof of Aharon and Navot’s skill, they were also assisted by an excellent cast, made possible by the other edge of that double-edged sword: wide-spread curiosity about the first Israeli horror film.”

Gazette / Blog- Cine Files – Liz Ferguson – Filmmaking is not the only art on view at Fantasia 2011

“A film festival shows films obviously, but at Fantasia there are master classes with directors and other cool things as well.”

Indiewire – Bryce J. Renninger - Drafthouse Films Takes Fantasia Fest Hit “The FP,” Names Evan Husney to Head Distribution

“Following Saturday night’s raucous Fantasia Fest screening of “The FP,” Drafthouse Films, the distribution arm of Tim League’s Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, has acquired US rights to the film.”

Nightmare Revue – Jo Satana – Jo Satana’s Fantasia Coverage 2011:  Welcome to the Jungle (Week 1, Part 1)

“I`m deep in the trenches of the cellulloid jungle that is FanTasia 2011, with no excape in sight. My only option for survival is limited to wading it out, chest deep, in these cool, dark screening pools where hopefully, one day, I will see the light and be pulled to a safe warm place.”

Gazette / Blog- Cine Files – Liz Ferguson – Fantasia 2011: Director Lee Joon-ik is a real class act

“After welcoming the Fantasia audience to his movie Battlefield Heroes (more about that soon) he answered questions about it and  signed autographs and posed for photos with every last fan who lined up to meet him. Impressive!”

Bloody Disgusting – Lonmonster - Fantasia ’11 [Interview] ‘A Horrible Way to Die’ Director Adam Wingard and Writer Simon Barrett

“This year Fantasia Film Festival is paying tribute to one of the leading indie horror directors, Adam Wingard, by showing a wide array of his works. On top of Adam’s many short films being played this year, Fantasia is showcasing Wingard’s indie classic Pop Skull, as well as his two newest films A Horrible Way to Die and What Fun We Were Having: 4 Stories About Date Rape.”

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