Fantasia Press – August 5-8, 2011 – Alexander Sellers – ‘My Avatar’ premieres @ Fantasia: bring your virtual date

“With bits of the film taking place within Second Life itself, it’s an all-too-modern and off-the-wall picture with an equally quirky finale. So it makes complete sense that the Fantasia Festival would feature Wiltshire’s debut on August 7th.”

Tourisme Montreal – Melora Koepke – Fantasia Film Festival Final Flicks

“After almost a month of the 15th Fantasia Film Festival, one weekend of thrills, chills and ills remains. The festival has included over 130 features from around the world and one world-premiere of a major Hollywood studio movie, a lifetime achievement award for the director of The Blues Brothers, and for its last weekend, focuses on Quebec-made horror movies. Don’t miss it!”

Twitch – Peter K. – Fantasia 2011:  ‘Haunters’ Review

NOTE:  This is a review for HAUNTERS

Arrow in the Head – Chris Bumbray – FANTASIA 2011 REVIEW: Kim Min-Suk’s Haunters, starring Gang Dong-won

NOTE:  This is a review for HAUNTERS

Sound on Sight – Ricky D – The Very Best Of Fantasia 2011

“The Fantasia Film Festival is coming to a close this weekend and so we want to look back one last time at the highlights of the fest. It was an incredible year with many strong first time features, a batch of incredible short films and a ton of special guests.”

Gazette/ Blog – Cine files – Fantasia 2011:  The Theatre Bizarre

NOTE:  This is a review for THE THEATRE BIZARRE

Sound on Sight – Ricky D – Fantasia 2011: ‘The Dungeon Master’ is an affectionate spoof, a love letter to role playing

“The Dungeon Master, which screened before the closing film at this year’s Fantasia Film Festival, was yet another surprise hit.”

Complex- Justin Monroe- Interview: Fantasia Co-Director Mitch Davis On Pleasing Hardcore Horror Fans

“For 15 years, the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal has hosted the most outrageous and sublime selections of genre filmmaking from all over the world. With his long black hair and penchant for tossing up devil horns, Mitch Davis, the fest’s co-director, is a rock star who’s helped create a passionate network of fans and filmmakers that makes Fantasia feel like a party for a bunch of friends you didn’t know you had.”

Gazette/ Blog – Cine files – Liz Ferguson – 2011 Fantasia Film Festival sells DVDs:  Update

“Recently I posted about DVDs being sold at the Fantasia snack bar. Most of these movies were shown at earlier editions of Fantasia. They’re only $15 each. That’s a real steal of a deal, compared to what some stores are charging.”

Sound on Sight – Kyle Reese – Fantasia 2011 Award Winners Announced

“The Fantasia Film Festival is officially over and we here at Sound On Sight will always remember it as the year of brilliant first time features with the likes of Bellflower, Absentia, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, You Are Here, Beyond The Black Rainbow, Attack The Block and Retreat, to name a few.”

Dread Central – Uncle Creepy – 2011 Fantasia Film Festival Winners Announced

“The 2011 Fantasia International Film Festival has come to an end and as usual was a rousing success with more than 100,000 audience members. In addition 150 international directors, actors, and producers presented their films at the fest. Read on for the wrap-up and winners from this year’s various competitions.”

Gazette/ Blog – Cine files – Al Kratina – Fantasia 2011:  ‘The Troll Hunter’, again

NOTE:  This is a review for THE TROLL HUNTER

Gazette/ Blog – Cine files – Liz Ferguson – Fantasia 2011:  Review of Phantom of the Opera

“Orchestral music is common on movie soundtracks. But to have the orchestra itself right there with you in the cinema is a much rarer thing, and quite a special one, too.  On Saturday night I had a good view of the movie screen and a 30-piece orchestra, from my balcony seat at Place des Arts, where the Fantasia Film Festival presented The Phantom of the Opera.”

Hour – Kevin Laforest – Fantasia 2011 Award Winners

NOTE:  This is a list of the official winners

Twitch – Todd Brown – Denmark’s CLOWN (KLOVN) Wins Fantasia

“Montreal’s massive Fantasia Festival has come to the end of another successful run with a surprising winner as the festival’s top film. Ultra-lewd Danish comedy Clown (Klovn) has taken the jury selected Cheval Noir award for top film at the festival while Michael Roksam’s Bullhead took the prize for top debut.”

Arrow in the Head – Chris Bumbray – FANTASIA 2011 REVIEW: John Landis Burke & Hare, starring Simon Pegg

“BURKE & HARE is director John Landis’s first film since 1998, and as a longtime fan of his, it’s been on my must-see list since hitting theaters in the UK nine months ago. Following a run at the Fantasia Film Festival, it looks like it’s finally going to hit North American theaters.”

Gazette – T’Cha Dunlevy- Fantasia Film Festival: Clown is king of the fest

“More than 100,000 moviegoers checked out Montreal’s 15th Fantasia International Film Festival, which began July 14 and ended Sunday with a last batch of screenings and an evening of awards.”

Arrow in the Head – Marcey Papandrea- Success and winners announced for Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival

“The 15th annual Fantasia International Film Festival took place from July 14 to August 7 in Montreal, Canada. Chris Bumbray has given us numerous awesome reviews from the festival including BURKE & HARE, ATTACK THE BLOCK, SUPER, DETENTION and RED STATE.”

Indie Wire – Bryce J. Renninger – “Clown” and “Bullhead” Top Award Winners at Montreal’s 2011 Fantasia Fest

“At the end of its marathon three and a half week run, the Fantasia Film Festival announced its equally long list of juried and audience awards.”

Midnight Poutine – Andres – Sunday Events (Rain or Shine): SERVE Volleyball Tournament, Orchestrated Film Classic

“SERVE has been rained on before, but that hasn’t stopped the tournament. Regardless, if you’re looking for a roof above your head, make sure to catch the last of the Fantasia Film Festival’s fare, including a live orchestrated screening of The Phantom of the Opera (1925) starring Lon Chaney. Thirty musicians headed by Gabriel Thibaudeau will accompany the B&W silent film, playing at Place des Arts.”

Screen Daily – Ian Sandwell – Clown, Bullhead win at Fantasia; audience surpasses 100,000

“The 15th edition of Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival hosted 19 world premieres including Final Destination 5 and The Wicker Tree.”

Bloody Disgusting – Lonmonster – [Feature] Lonmonster’s Fantasia 2011 Mini-Reviews: Update #3!

“Sadly, the Fantasia Film Festival came to a close this weekend in Montreal, Canada. This year, Fantasia was easily one of the best of its fifteen-year history, bringing in stellar horror films from across the globe.”

Horror News Net – Fantasia Film Festival announces Winners for 2011

“Featuring the announcements on exciting releases taking the lead at Fantasia Festival opened with a bang with the Canadian premiere of RED STATE by director Kevin Smith. This was only the first in a long line of sensational special events that took place over the course of the festival.”

Badass News – Devin Faraci – Fantasia Film Festival Names Winners, Including Joseph Kahn’s DETENTION

“It seems like forever ago that I was in Montreal for the Fantasia Film Festival, and that’s because it sort of was – the festival began a whopping three and a half weeks ago and only just came to an end. WOW. And they do this every year.”

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