Fantasia Press – July 22-25, 2011

Fangoria – Ariel Esteban Cayer – Fantasia Day 2 Part Two: “Yakuza Weapon” & “Deadball”

“Fantasia “crowd-pleasers” are all about the formula and ATTACK THE BLOCK revitalizes the alien invasion narrative admirably (see “Fantasia Day 2, Part One”).

Gazette/ Blog – Cine files – Al Kratina – Fantasia 2011:  Midnight Son

NOTE:  This is a review for MIDNIGHT SON

Gazette/ Blog – Cine files – Al Kratina – Fantasia 2011: The FP

NOTE:  This is a review for THE FP

Ain’t it Cool News – Harry – Meanwhile in the frozen tundra of Montreal at FANTASIA we hear about THE DIVIDE & HELLDRIVER & more!

“Hey folks, Harry here…  I kind of hate that Fantasia overlaps COMIC CON, mainly because so many of the world’s best genre journalists have to leave to cover the 5 mayhem filled days of Comic Con, instead of focusing upon the independent awesome of genre filmmaking at one of the best Genre film festivals in the world!”

Frankensteinia – Fantasia Fest Premiere:  Monster Brawl

“Here’s a trailer, narrated by a gravel-gargling Lance Henricksen, for Monster Brawl, the Canadian-made horror-comedy that gets its world premiere today, July 23, at Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival.”

Jay’s Movie Blog – Jay – The Fantasia Daily, 2011.04: Millennium Dragon, Ip Man: The Legend Is Born, A Lonely Place to Die, and Trollhunter

NOTE:  This is a review for several films

Green Cine Daily – Steve Dollar – Fantasia 2011:  Critic’s Notebook

“Montreal’s Fantasia Festival turns 15 this year, a sweet milestone for a grassroots event that now sprawls across three weeks every summer with an international array of horror, sci-fi, action, Asian, comedy and suspense flicks.”

Gazette/ Blog – Cine files – Liz Ferguson – Fantasia 2011:  Both screenings of Battle Royal are sold out

“Wow! Both screenings of Japanese film Battle Royale are sold out at the Fantasia Film Festival. This is too bad for the fans who could not get tickets but very impressive news for the film and the Fantasia festival.”

Dread Central – Masked Slasher – Who Can It Be Now? Fantasia International Film Festival to Announce Special Guest, World Premiere

“Don’t all great things happen at High Noon? Can you name me one big time, Old West shoot-out that happened at a quarter to four? No way, cowboy, High Noon was the only time for big happenings then and the Fantasia International Film Festival is running with this tradition for a big announcement on July 25.”

Twitch – Michael Guillen – Fantasia 2011:  Monster Brawl Microreview

“I break from my usual routine, however, to state that Jesse T. Cook’s Monster Brawl, which has just seen its world premiere at Fantasia, is–in my opinion–the undisputed smackdown hit of the festival, if not–indeed–this year’s bumper crop of comedy horror.”

Sound on Sight – Michael Ryan – Fantasia 2011: ‘True Legend’ is a step above most forgettable Kung-Fu films

NOTE:  This is a review for TRUE LEGEND

Gazette/ Blog – Cine files – Liz Ferguson – Fantasia 2011:  Wake in Fright sounds good to me

“(A controversial kangaroo hunting scene was not set up for the director’s benefit – it just showed what the locals were doing on a nightly basis anyway, as Kotcheff explains in an interview with Fantasia’s Kier-La Janisse.)”

Gazette/ Blog – Cine files – Liz Ferguson – Fantasia 2011: Super Short Saturday Report

NOTE:  This is a link to several reviews

Midnight Poutine – Christine - Fantasia One Week In, Thereabouts

It is a very special year indeed for our beloved Fantasia Film Festival as it will be celebrating its 15th birthday! According to Fantasia Film Festival Co-Director Mitch Davis, “In its 15 years of existence, Fantastia was, among the many firsts, the first festival in Canada to screen a film from Darren Aronofsky, the first in North America to screen a film by Takashi Miike and the first in the world to screen a film by Satoshi Kon.”

Gazette/ Blog- Cine files – Liz Ferguson – Fantasia 2011:  Review of One Hundred Years of Evil

NOTE:  This is a review for One Hundred Years of Evil

Tourisme Montreal – Melora Koepke – Fantasia Film Festival:  5 Sure Bets

“The truth is, nothing is for sure at Fantasia, and that’s the whole point. Montreal’s genre film festival, now in its 15th year, has been giving the people what they want for a decade and a half…

Seriously, Fantasia is a festival that has been fan-supported since the very beginning—for three weeks every summer, the kids (and grown-ups, too) have been forgoing splashy summer fun in the sun for the dank and dark confines of Concordia University’s cinemas for a freakshow of unfathomable proportions—and we mean that as the biggest compliment imaginable.”

Arrow in the Head – Chris Bumbray – Fantasia 2011 Review: Dick Maas Saint, Starring Huub Stapel

NOTE:  This is a review for SAINT

Arrow in the Head – Chris Bumbray – Fantasia 2011 Review: Evan Glodell’s Bellflower, starring Evan Glodell

“Thanks to Fantasia, I’ve finally gotten the chance to check out BELLFLOWER, and boy oh boy, did I dig this flick.”

Arrow in the Head – Eric Wakulski – Fantasia Fest Announces Special Midnight Final Destination 5 Screening

“Anybody lucky enough to be attending Fantasia Fest in Montreal in two weeks is going to get even luckier with an opportunity to see FINAL DESTINATION 5 early! Having seen some of the footage from the film, all I can say is, that’s something you’re going to want to do.”

Twitch – Greg Christie – Fantasia 2011: THE CORRIDOR Review

NOTE:  This is a review for THE CORRIDOR

Twitch – Todd Brown – Fantasia 2011: THE CATECHISM CATACLYSM Review

NOTE:  This is a review of Catechism Cataclysm

Twitch – Greg Christie – Fantasia 2011: BELLFLOWER Review

NOTE:  This is a review for BELLFLOWER

Gazette/ Blog – Cine files – Al Kratina – Fantasia 2011:  Final Destination 5 added to line up

“Big announcement from Fantasia today. The festival will be hosting the world premiere of Final Destination 5.”

The Intelligencer – W. Brice McVicar – “Monster Brawl” gets big buzz

“A small film generating big buzz in Montreal has a Belleville connection.  The world premiere of Monster Brawl took place Saturday during the 15th annual FanTasia Film Festival, an international festival that boasts a wide variety of films from a myriad of genres.”

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