Fantasia Press – July 27, 2011

Twitch Film-Kurt Halfyard- AHorrible Way To Die Review

“After a very successful run on the festival circuit, thismicro-indie gem makes its way to J.A. De Seve Theatre at Fantasiatonite, and I heartily encourage anyone out there who happens to be in town togive this one a gander, if only to see the sweet manner in which thisfilm transcends its own concept!”

Twitch Film-Todd Brown- Brawler Trailer

“Red White & Blue’s Marc Senter takes thelead in the story of brothers fighting it out in illegal fights stages on abarge off the coast of New Orleans in the gritty picture soon to premiere at Fantasia.”

TheGazette Blog-Al Kratina- Review of Whisperer in Darkness

“The Whisperer in Darkness is dark, moody and sureto please Lovercraft fans sick of the liberties taken in other adaptations.”

Fangoria-ArielEsteban Cayer- The Corridor Review

“Keep an eye on Kelly and MacDonald,because THE CORRIDOR is one of the most impressive independent films of thisyear’s Fantasia, a masterful science-fiction/man-vs.-man thriller that alsohappens to one of the most emotionally resonant Canadian horror films I’ve seenin a long time.”

Twitch-Justin Decloux-Kill Me Please Review

“KILL ME PLEASE is funny. It may not be the funny that causes one to laugh out, or evento chuckle, but it is the kind that wiggles into your brain and stays there,dormant, without every allowing you to forget it.”

Sound on Sight- Ricky D- Burke and Hare Review

“’Burkeand Hare’ is an exceptionally well made Victorian-era horror-comedy.”

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