Fantasia Press – July 29, 2011

Fangoria-Michael Gingold-Absentia Review

“ABSENTIA delves into the souls of its protagonists, only to eventually shatter them.”

Fangoria-Ariel Esteban Cayer-Fantasia Review-Shivers & Underwater Love

“Cronenberg’s first feature film – also known under the most excellent and doubly appropriate names THE PARASITE MURDERS, THEY CAME FROM WITHIN, FRISSONS and the working title ORGY OF THE BLOOD PARASITES falls in perfect continuity with his previous efforts, offering once again a chaotic and austere stab at social institutions, by ways of trademark body horror, which happens to be both better and bloodier this time around.”

“Combining three of my absolute favorite things—pinku eigas, Christopher Doyle’s cinematography and the swamp-dwelling yokai kappa—into one kaleidoscopic musical odyssey, UNDERWATER LOVE blew me away with its sexy antics and sweet tale of rejuvenation.”

Fangoria-Mike Gingold-El Sanitorio Review

“A hit on its home turf last October, EL SANATORIO is good enough to haunt theaters in territories where it won’t be such a novelty, but where viewers who venture to check it out will find it delivers laughs and scares in equal measure.”

Canuxploitation-Cinepix at Fantasia

Maple Syrup Thrills: A Tribute to John Dunning & André Link” was more than just a one-day award ceremony, it is (still!) a full ongoing series of events and film screenings that continues until the end of the festival in early August.’s-cinepix-tribute/

Montreal Gazette Blog-Liz Ferguson- Foxy Festival Review

“Korean director Lee Hae-young and his “erotic comedy” Foxy Festival got a warm and enthusiastic welcome from the Fantasia film festival crowd on Thursday night (July 28, 2011).”

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