Fantasia congratulates Adrien Morot on his Oscar Nomination!

Adrien Morot at Fantasia’s 2010 panel “les effets spéciaux au cinéma québécois”.

Montreal genre-film fans have long known that our town is a hotbed of makeup FX talent with major productions like 300, The Fountain, The Woods, and Death Race all lensing here at home. One of our own is finally receiving some well-deserved recognition from the Academy in the form of an Oscar nomination for Adrien Morot for his stunning age makeup work on Barney’s Version.

The film based on the book of the same name by late Montreal writer Mordechai Richler covers the span of many decades, and as such presented Adrien Morot and his crew with an ideal opportunity to age numerous characters up to their mid-60’s. Many well-known age makeups focus on extreme old age, which is actually a category far easier to pull off than the slighter aging on display in Barney’s Version. The difficult, subtle transformations of Paul Giamatti, Rosamund Pike, and Dustin Hoffman (himself no stranger to legendary old-age makeup having been under the rubber of Dick Smith in Little Big Man!) mark the work of a real master of the special makeup craft, worthy of going up against the most winning of makeup legends, Rick Baker.

Baker has won 6 out of the 11 times he’s been nominated, but in our estimation Morot’s makeup far exceeds Baker’s second attempt at a werewolf in The Wolfman remake (inferior to his original Oscar winning American Werewolf in London effort). Barney’s Version’s challenging age makeups should also trump the realistic, but technically far more simplistic disease and injury makeups from the FX team nominated for The Way Back.

So, congratulations from your friends at Fantasia Adrien, our Oscar ballot-sheets have your name checked already – don’t forget to thank your wife!

- “Evil” Andy Mauro
Evil Andy is also a Montreal-based FX artist, and a scribe for Dread Central.

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