Sequence Break

International Premiere
  • USA
  • 2016
  • 81 mins
  • English
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Hosted by Writer/Director Graham Skipper

Winner: Best Feature Film at 2017 Chattanooga Film Festival
Official Selection: Phoenix International Sci-Fi and Horror Film Festival

“ A sci-fi/horror romance film that amalgamates love, electronics, and the life altering decisions that people make.” - Brad Slaton, TERROR TIME

Graham Skipper (star of BEYOND THE GATES, MIND’S EYE) pulls out all the stops in his feature-film directorial debut, masterfully melding retro ’80s horror nostalgia with Lovecraftian doom that gazes deep into the great abyss! Chase Williamson (BEYOND THE GATES, JOHN DIES AT THE END) plays Oz, an antisocial loner who only finds solace in his love for ’80s arcade games, refurbishing and restoring them to their former glory. That is, until he meets Tess, played by Fabianne Theresa (SOUTHBOUND, JOHN DIES AT THE END). The two quickly become romantically entwined, but their budding romance is slowly threatened by a mysterious game that seems to be drawing the two deeper and deeper into its void of slime and Cronenbergian horror. Amid the strange occurrences, a cryptic vagabond also appears, lurking around the arcade workshop at night. The dilapidated madman shouts about doom and destruction as the couple cling to the remnants of their normal lives. Oz soon finds himself facing off against the eight-bit portal to the cosmos, to both save himself and his newfound love.

This film is a true love letter to ’80s horror, not only thematically but also in its use of practical FX, retro soundtrack and aesthetic. Williamson and Theresa pick up where they left off in JOHN DIES AT THE END, reviving chemistry between the two that is electric. This film is all the while brilliantly bleak in its portrayal of the beyond, and the audience is consistently brutalized by trippy scenes that will melt your brain and have you contemplating the depths of the cosmos.

- Justin Langlois

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