Dead Shack

North American Premiere
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Hosted by Director Peter Ricq

Official Selection: Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival 2017, London Frightfest 2017, Sitges Film Festival 2017

Familiar with the phrase “eat local”? Well, zombies aren't that picky, like the ones in DEAD SHACK, for example, which are fed a steady diet of townies and passers-through – really, anyone unlucky enough to be baited, drugged and served up fresh by the shufflers' caring, and still living, matriarch. Played by Lauren Holly (DUMB & DUMBER), and known only as “the Neighbour,” she seems unstoppable once she dons her homemade armour and grabs the ol' pump-action shotgun.

But never underestimate a trio of curious teens. Tough girl Summer, her smartmouth younger brother Colin and his pushover best friend find themselves in a cottage in the woods when the siblings' dad and his girlfriend take them on a low-budget getaway. As the adults get drinking, the kids go exploring and come across a ramshackle house in the woods where they witness the Neighbour serving up a couple local yokels to her hungry brood. When she discovers the intruders, they become next on the menu.

Boasting an axe-wielding drunk dad, homemade weapons, gouts of gore and a steady stream of zingers, DEAD SHACK is rural Canadian mix of DEAD ALIVE, SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE and '80s kids' movies, with a few nods to HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN and THE WALKING DEAD tossed in for good measure. Co-writer/director Peter Ricq (creator of the animated series FREAKTOWN) keeps things fast, light and full of fight. Holly is particularly fun to watch as she does whatever it takes to put food on the table... er, floor. Dead, alive – teenagers sure are a handful.

- Dave Alexander

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