Canadian Premiere
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Hosted by Director Norbert Keil, Co-Writer Richard Stanley and Actress Barbara Crampton

Official Selection: Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2017, Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2017, L.A. Film Festival 2017

“Combines the themes of THE NEON DEMON with the horror of MARTYRS” - Luke Y. Thompson, NERDIST

Kira (Rebecca Forsythe) is young, beautiful and falling part. Prone to bouts of amnesia, she finds herself slowing starting to rot, her flesh drying up at an alarming rate with no explanation and little help from Dr. Rafaela Crober (Barbara Crampton!) and her revolutionary skin-care centre. Desperate for a solution, Kira discovers her dying skin can temporarily heal itself – with skin from another body. Suddenly, her search for perfect skin takes Kira away from moisturizers and lotions, and on a hunt for the perfect skin on the perfect body, even if it isn't her own.

Working off a script co-written by genre legend (and longtime Fantasia favourite) Richard Stanley, director Norbert Keil brings an arresting visual style to REPLACE, reminiscent of classic Ridley Scott, that like the story itself wisely hides layers of decay with a coat of beauty and sexiness. Juxtaposing the eroding flesh with a healthy beating heart, Forsythe provides a strong and compelling lead as Kira, a woman whose deadly choices betray her youthful age, with solid support from Lucie Aron as Kira's mysterious lover and the delightfully evil Barbara Crampton, finally seguing from Meagan Halsey to Dr. Herbert West and doing some of the best work of her career. These strong and arresting women provide REPLACE with an attractive and often mesmerizing study of our murderous obsessions of the flesh and looking good even if it kills us – or someone else.

- Matthew Kiernan

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