Super Dark Times

Canadian Premiere
  • USA
  • 2017
  • 102 mins
  • English
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Official Selection: Rotterdam International Film Festival 2017, Tribeca Film Festival 2017

“An unnerving cross between STAND BY ME and DONNIE DARKO” - David Ehrlich, INDIEWIRE

“Uncompromisingly bold filmmaking.” – Matt Barone, Tribeca Film Festival

“A teenage nightmare… quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen come out of the Tribeca Film Festival” – Brad Miska, BLOODY DISGUSTING

In the center of tranquil, mid-‘90s suburbia, where pleasantly chirping birds co-exist with the sounds of the blossoming Seattle grunge wave, high school-aged best friends Josh (Charlie Tahan) and Zach (Owen Campbell) are each other’s support systems in a universe of challenging social struggles and general goofing around. One day, a terrible accident cuts through their world, forcing them to keep a grisly secret that twists each of them apart in different ways. As they try to maintain a façade of normalcy, compounded by the regular evolutions of personality that came at their age, they begin to change in significant ways, the twilight of their youths shifting into a nightmarish sea of black. We’re being intentionally vague here to preserve impact. Just know that this is a powerful story about adolescence’s end and the darkening of innocence, of friendship, loyalty… and murder.

An emotionally incinerating and strangely dream-like gaze into the shadowy crevices of teenage psychology, SUPER DARK TIMES is a remarkable feature debut for director Kevin Phillips that took the Rotterdam Film Festival by storm when it premiered earlier this year. Its corruption-of-innocence thematic is made all the more eerie by Philips’ choice to set the film in a period just several years before Columbine, the internet and ubiquitous cell phones. Breathtakingly shot and directed with vivid imagination, punctuated with unsettling ripples into surrealism and populated with an array of extraordinary performances, SUPER DARK TIMES is super potent filmmaking. It will haunt you to your core.

-Mitch Davis

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