Fritz Lang

Canadian Premiere
  • Germany
  • 2016
  • 104 mins
  • German
  • English (subtitles)
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WINNER: Best Feature Film, Hessen Film and Cinema Awards 2016

In a creative impasse following the release of WOMAN IN THE MOON, Fritz Lang becomes fascinated by the Monster of Düsseldorf, a serial killer terrorizing Germany. Using his notoriety and contacts, the director catches the first train to the city. Lang gets involved with the investigation, but as he gets closer to the truth, it’s his entire past that is blown wide open. Described at once as a genius, an egocentric maniac, and a sadist, Lang was the son of violent father, and a soldier in the trenches of WWI. Now, movies are about to transition to sound, and Lang must address his own evils… all the while getting to the bottom of one of Germany’ most notorious serial killer cases!

Far from being a conventional biopic, Gordian Maugg’s FRITZ LANG approaches Lang’s life – and oeuvre – as if Lang (Heino Ferch) was the antihero of one of his own works. This film unfolds like an episode of “Fritz Lang P.I.”, if you will; a strange, lurid hybrid of fan-fiction, speculation, and straight-faced biography! Maugg’s curious film is not a retelling of history, per se. Instead, it is a fever dream of an homage that cross-cuts between footage from Lang’s own filmography, newsreels from the Weimar Republic, and its own painstaking reconstitution of the period – in ways that remind both of ZELIG and recent pastiche works such as THE ARTIST. This is a whirlwind of images where past and present collide, exploring the myth, rather than the man – a composite image of an elusive director, in the days leading to the creation of the masterpiece, M.

- Ariel Esteban Cayer

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