Poor Agnes

World Premiere
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Hosted by Director Navin Ramaswaran & members of the Cast and Crew

A pixie-faced tomboy with wide eyes and a button nose, Agnes is a serial killer. She kidnaps and tortures men before murdering them, and she’s good at it. Ambitious, cunning, and narcissistic, Agnes hides in plain sight within a rural town while defining her own systems of sport and romance. When Mike, a private investigator, shows up on her doorstep to look into the cold-case disappearance of one of her early victims, she seduces him and traps him in her basement. Through an unlikely alignment of survival strategy and remorselessness, Agnes bonds with Mike, and he becomes a willing participant in their psychological power game. The circumstances of their curiously morbid relationship progress as their dynamic evolves, and the film is sent into an engrossing tailspin.

Director Navin Ramaswaran (CHASING VALENTINE and LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE) brings originality to the screen in this Canadian production filmed in Thunder Bay, Ontario – hometown of producer Ryan Keller. POOR AGNES is a uniquely peculiar suspense film that moves between victimization and control as it delves into the subjective experience of a probable sociopath. The film features unsettling moments of sadism and camaraderie fuelled by slow, thoughtful dialogue. Lora Burke’s dynamic performance as Agnes is detached enough to play a killer but still affective and perfectly spellbinding, and her sprightliness and strength begs audiences to root for the bad guy. POOR AGNES is a driven and endearing effort that doesn’t pander to audiences, and both Agnes and plot alike are utterly unpredictable.

- Sarah Teixeira St-Cyr

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