The Naughty List

Canadian Premiere
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One-Reeler Short Film Competition - Online, USA, January 2017
FILMSshort Competition - Finalist - Online, UK, February 2017
Midwest WeirdFest - Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA, March 2017
Bonebat Comedy of Horrors Film Fest - Seattle, Washington, USA, April 2017
Austin Comedy Short Film Festival - Austin, Texas, USA, April 2017
Comicpalooza Film Festival - Houston, Texas, USA, May 2017

Christmas Eve, and gun toting mobsters, Tony Genova and Vince Napoli, are holed up in a
secluded, snow covered cabin. Much to Tony’s surprise, Vince - a grown man - still believes
in Father Christmas, and excitedly hangs up a Christmas stocking over the fireplace ready for

Then, a faint sound outside - like sleighbells, and footsteps across the roof. Something is
coming down inside the chimney, and what appears to be Father Christmas, complete with a
huge bulging sack of presents, pulls himself out of the fireplace.

Is this really Santa Claus, or is it some kind of raid by a rival gang? Soon Tony and Vince will
find out whether Santa really does exist, and what it really takes to get on the Naughty or Nice

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