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Hosted by Directors Caroline Labrèche and Steeve Léonard

When he wakes up following a car crash, Liam can’t remember where he is or the accident that got him there. When he goes looking for help in a nearby restaurant, all he finds are cloudy-eyed corpses. Convinced that an airborne virus has been unleashed, he heads to the address written on his driver’s license. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that the cause of all these deaths is none other than himself. Every living organism that comes within 50 feet of him suddenly drops dead. Only Jane seems able to be near him. Not only was she in the accident with him, but she can’t remember anything either. When they’re together, Liam’s touch of death seems to disappear. Together, they’ll try to recall their past and understand the tie that that seems to bind them. But they can’t ever be more than 50 feet apart.

Festivalgoers first knew them as Dead Cat Films, with their abundance of wacky shorts. Then in 2009, Caroline Labrèche and Steeve Léonard produced their first independent feature, SANS DESSEIN, a refreshingly original romantic comedy. This time, the duo delivers a dramatic feature that somewhat feels like a TWILIGHT ZONE episode, breaking away from their typical style and tone to prove that their multi-faceted direction can successfully be applied to genres other than comedy. Simon Villeneuve’s stunning cinematography is often heightened by Benoit Charest’s score. RADIUS is the latest project seeing the light because of Frontières, Fantasia festival’s international co-production market. We are honored to present the world premiere of this Quebec-made genre picture.

- translated by Guillaume Desbiens

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